Esports supporter pack 10 opinions

With the release of the new supporter packs today I wanted to hear everyone’s opinions on the characters and skins! Personally I like the Minh character and maybe the Armored Kantus will warm up to me, but I don’t like Marcus. Not that I hate the character or his look, because he looks great don’t get me wrong, I just dislike the fact that he’s already been a black steel character. Still waiting for Ben!!!

I got Kantus and Marcus in 2 packs, super happy, don’t care too much for kim, both characters are amazing.

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Well you guys can watch my pack openings here to see drop rates and the characters here:

Personally, I don’t like any of them or the weapon skins :joy:


the weapon skins just keep getting worse lol as for the characters i’ve stopped playing vs so i’ll never see armored Kantus i did get kim who is what i wanted as for marcus i just said no because we dont need 3 black steel versions of him at this point i expect esports 11 to have black steel old man marcus

Wouldn’t surprise me lol Black steel vintage classic marcus after that haha

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you would expect kait to get another black steel variant what with her being announced as the main protag now instead it seems like marcus and cole get all the black steel lol i’m ready for black steel cole train

Why did you buy them then? :slight_smile:

Serious question! Unless you’re a collector and want to get every skin in the game? I can understand that

Wanted to take 1 chance at getting BS kantus. Got lucky and got em on one pack. Those weapon skins are terrible. Glad I don’t need to try again for anything in pack 10.

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Is this Black Steel Marcus the same as the one they offered before? I didn’t know there were multiple Black Steel versions of characters.

Bought them for the sake of opening some packs :joy::sweat_smile:

Yeah, I mean, I like the skin on some of the weapons but overall, not a fan :laughing:

Seems I’m having some pretty bad luck with the Armored Kantus - 14 packs and nothing but Kim and Marcus. I know I know… it just encourages TC and their ■■■■■■ practices. I feel pretty annoyed at myself.

He’s not even worth it for more than 5-10 packs.

Save for the next one.

I bet that Theron will look slick in Black Steel - or even Sraak if they come :+1:

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I got Armored Kantus. Not really a fan of the highly armored or bulky characters but I’m wearing it for now.

The weapon skins are awful.

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I think the previous Black Steel Marcus was his current armor configuration and age. This one is Classic Armored Marcus.

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Im still surprised they got this pack today, would expect next week or so. They must need the money kkkk…

Now onto the content itself. I’ll be honest. I dislike everything in the pack. I dont like the fact that Marcus gets yet another black steel treatment. The regular armored Kantus was already blackish so to me there was no need for it. Could have been another locust like Savage Theron or another Theron etc. And Minh well I knew he would get it but the fact that these black steel characters have been running out of blue lights turn me off alot.
The weapon skins to me are just a reminder of how much money I already poured into this game… :unamused:

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Seen a lot of people say similar things about BS Marcus but I love him. I thing Kim is a great addition to the BS series and the Armored Kantus is one of my favorites they’ve done yet.

I didn’t bought any and I feel I got ripped off :joy::joy::joy:

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I’m a black steel fan but will not touch this one. First, the gun skins are hideous. Like the dev was a 14 year old who said, “Yo, this will look dope!”

Marcus looks good but I already have a black steel Marcus I don’t use.
I’ve never usd Minh so I wouldn’t pay for a BS variant.

That leaves us with AK. Who looks great, but he’s legendary so he’s going to cost you a lot of $$ and I don’t even use the regular one because his noise is very distinct and you can hear him coming a mile away.

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I’m holding back from buying till I see the next Gears Esports event coming up. Then you;ll get the…let’s say San Diego Edition!? So I wont have to buy again…and hopefully the San Diego weapon skin doesnt look shitty. =)