Esports supporter 9

Do you think we’ll have another opportunity for esports supporter 9 packs im ready to blow throigh my check for baird.Cause i get p
aid Thursday

I heard of a guy who bought 10 packs and got Dom every time, not sure though, but I wouldn’t buy them if I were you, might be a new esports pack coming out today anyways, so don’t get your hopes up.

Do you know what characters it could be

Black Steel Classic Marcus was leaked apparently, so we’ll probably get him.

Pack 9 has been up so much lately.

I want to see other packs come back - especially pack 7.


I know it’s RNG but my experience was pretty good. I was against spending real money to gamble on a pack but I caved for Dom. Dropped $10, got Baird. My fear was buying multiple packs and not ever getting Dom but I bought a second pack and crossed my fingers, got Dom. I heard the drop rates are vastly improved as opposed to the early ones. I would think if you’re willing to spend up to $40 you have an excellent chance of getting the card you want but that’s a steep price.

I want Black Steel Tai, I hope they re-release that pack again

In my mind, the drop rates are the same. I would say that the chances of the legendary card is 20% by virtue of being the legendary card and the other two epic cards are 40% for either. It might not be precise but it’s probably close given you’re guaranteed a character card and the epic cards will be more regularly dropped.