eSports Stream - Incomplete Carrion Skin Set?

Maybe I’m missing something, but is TC giving out an incomplete Carrion Skin weapon set across two days? A quick glance seems that at least the lancer and gnasher are omitted as rewards.

I get that they are free and all, but a complete set would be a bit more enticing, no? Unless the rest is available elsewhere?

They were sold a while back.

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Well that’s disappointing

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I wasn’t even aware they gave out sets! :pleading_face: Thank you for dropping this link.

Thought giving people some idea what the hell I was talking about would be a good idea, lol.

Maybe we ll be able to buy them with gears coins soon ?

No. They’re to support the eSports program so will be sold for Iron or real money.

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Actually since the store changed, esports is real money only. No more iron.

I could have sworn I heard contradictory information about this. I could have sworn I heard at one point Dana say eSports stuff would be sold for Iron, but then in a different stream said it would be for real life money. I remember Dana saying that this was for accounting reasons so they could get the money to the teams easily.

In my mind, I figured that the team designed weapon skins would be real life money transactions, and Chrome Steel for example would still be Iron (as this goes straight to the general eSports program like events etc). I see the Glory wepons (which aren’t team-related) are money only, so maybe I dreamt it!

There is nothing in there for iron now, anyway.