Esports store oct 29 2019.... TC are you kidding us same 5 skins for a 3rd week!

Why does TC seem to only have a problem with this store area.3 weeks ago we had 5 chrome plated weapon skins,then 2 week weeks ago another week of the same weapon skins and currently we have the same 5 weapons skins again,so whats so hard about putting whatevers next into this area of the store?How can we support esports if you don’t put NEW esports related things in the gears store for us to buy.Currently it sound like any kait diaz skin will sell well so how about the chrome steel dimond esports TC just get’r’done.

I personally think chrome steel looks horrible and should of continued the black steel but that is just my opinion.


Just a fast google on some minerals and you can come up with all crazy color schemes and ■■■■■… I dont understand how hard it can be to do something cool

Why didn’t they just continue the emerald for the cog and ruby for swarm.

I dont think allot of them in the studio play the game

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I updated my op thread and title,just read it again.