eSports Store Items

Another week of the same ■■■■… Really???

Edit - Gimme Chrome Steek Kait already!

The esport stuff resets in 5 days, not today

Atleast you have 2 snubs to choose from…


It resets every tuesday…

No, the weekly store does. The esport doesn’t

And another jack skin,i’m not sure what this skin is gone for apperence wise.

Im waiting for delivery flyer Jack skin:(

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Delivery drone jack, just white with the amazon logo on it :ok_hand:

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Copyright. Can’t. They can put “gears 5” on it though. To remind you what game you’re playing.

It is actually supposed to change every week and has been doing so.

For some reason,

We got the same recycled skins for 2 weeks this time.

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Major Burger could hire Mac and Jack to deliver his Major Burgers and Fries to all the troops who need suppiles.

Aye, but if you look at the time remaining it doesn’t line up with Tuesday reset. Last time it did.

So I think it’s intended to not reset on Tuesday but on its own timer

That’s the first time that’s happened.

And no reason to when the content is so weak.

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Yep… I should of waited. Bought the Lancer/Gnasher CS only for them to return the following week at a discounted price. I want a new CS character skin already.

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Just because you have money doesn’t mean you NEED to burn it because reasons.

New characters are way overdue.

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Should not exist.

I won’t buy none just bc I don’t support it . The more you buy from it the more they gonna have it and less free cosmetics!

I’m waiting for any kind of variance of the black steel skins. Only way I can see myself purchasing anything.