Esports store and rotation of chrome steels

I think that with the return of some chrome steel characters, the rotation should be a little faster, I understand that it is the natural rotation, but please, they are old characters, if they keep doing it this way, people will not want to consume because of how boring it will be to wait for their favorite design, I think the ideal would be to rotate every week, it is a suggestion that can be good.


Biweekly for old ones would be tolerable if they would at least bring back old weapon-sets in between or even “new” Chrome Steels. We already know what the next 5 are gonna be. Why delay their release every ■■■■■■■ week. Especially Keegan is infuriating considering Hivebusters has been out for a while now.

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We must also consider that this was made for people who were late to the game, because if it were for the fans of chrome steels, most of them already have them, then why wait so long for a design that we already know?


Eeeeh, I was 3 months late and hesitated with a few which I deeply regret now.

I wouldn’t mind if they alternated it - fortnight #1 = a couple of older CS skins; followed by fortnight #2 = a new unreleased CS skin. I suppose the only annoying thing for some people is that getting new skins will then become a 4-weekly occurrence. There’s still quite a few characters left who haven’t got a CS skin yet including some launch ones like Del and JD, plus there will almost certainly be some more new characters in Op 6 and beyond, so TC would be playing catch up at this rate especially once you factor in Swarm/Locust ones too. Plus we don’t know if there are plans for some characters to get more than one (Marcus and Cole had 3 Black Steel ones in GOW4 for example).

As a comparison GOW4 had a total of 52 Black Steel character skins by the end.

By the same/similar stage of GOW4’s lifecycle - 18-ish months after launch, they had released pack #8, so at this point they had released 34 BS skins. We’re now at a similar stage for GOW5 they have released 21 (not counting the 5 that were leaked but are unreleased).

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Whose been leaked?

They seem to be going pretty slow, I mean they could simply give some Black Steel Characters a fresh coat of paint

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Keegan, Lizzie, Dom, Elite Grenadier and another Hunter variant with a Mask that looks otherwise identical to the original CS Hunter. Raam was in there as well

You’re telling me weeks of nothing,

Then weeks of Re-Releases,

Is boring?

TC think they’re doing everyone a God’s Favour by giving you the chance to get them again :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I thought the Hunter one was just accidentally included by mistake. I recall it’s totally identical.

The 5th one was the Locust Bolter.

And just to clarify, it’s the Swarm Grenadier Elite, not the Locust one.

Old ones they should rotate each week or simply leave them in the store now and keep adding. New ones every two weeks or three weeks if they are struggling.

Surely not too hard. The whole store is barren with a handful of decent skins.

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If they had a shred of common sense they would release a CS skin either every week or just hit us with every old CS from OP1-OP3, but they’d rather do this dripfeeding bs rather than make a lot of money.

Not even surprised in the slightest.


Not gettin glitched an Being able to recieve the content you paid for would be great too.