Esports Skins not showing up in inventory

so i claimed the San Diego Longshot and Markza but only the Longshot has shown up in my inventory. Anyone else have this problem? How long does it usually take for them to show up? Most skins in recent streams have been instant so I wouldn’t think I’d have to wait.


I havent checked mine yet but its usually right away. I would give it some time though with all the problems tonight

I just checked mine and I got nothing yet lol

When you claim the skins, it states it could take up to 2 weeks to receive the skin… they are likely manually awarding them again.

I’ve always gotten them right after claiming

Yeah bud… with all the issues going on today though, they have likely gone back to the old manual way of distributing them. If that is the case, you should get it within the next 2 or 3 days.

Yea I figured leave it to them to mess up a stream lol

Its better to get it later than not get it at all, gotta to think of tue positive than the negative.


You know Dark when your right your fkin right lol


…Im beyond pissed. I watched the whole tournament was not able to do all quest and polls due to all the issues and I claimed all my skins but only the Long shot showed up in my inventory.Quest Button was all messed up tonight.I hope this will be fixed and see my skins in my inventory.And I hope Saturday and Sunday is not the same way.ty

i saw 3 h longh…markza…hummer…enfoncer…this morning i went to my game…nothing…another big joke…the quest didn t work yesterday thanks to take time for nothing…i made quest …but nothing.

i d like to have the skins for the time that i spent for your quest.

Yes. It can take up to two weeks.

it does say on the esports site that the animal skins wont be available until the next update

I have the same problem too

good afternoon, in the live yesterday I claimed the new weapons, the sniper, enforcer, markza and the hammerbust, but none appears, says that in two weeks they will give it to me, but in a previous live I claimed the gnasher Esmeralda and told me what The same two weeks and the gnasher did not come to the end, could you explain how it works please?

Just wait for them. What’s the rush?

I think with all the problems yesterday its gonna take some time to get them, as for the animal skins those wont come until the next update as per the esports site

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Because i reclaimed a gnasher Esmeralda and other live stream and i still without the skin Esmeralda in the gnasher

Honest question: Why do you care about weapon skins?

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