Esports Packs - Skins for Weapons No One Cares About

I think for evey esports pack, they should make the individual Character you want for 8 Dollars, and the weapon Skin of your choice for 2 or 4 Dollars.

I, for the most part only want weapon skins for my Gnasher, Lancer and Pistol. I like to correlate my skins, I like to match. Those are the weapons I see the most, those are the weapons I use the most. So it annoys me when I pay $10 dollars for a pack and I get a skin for dropshot or markza.

I really like the new weapons skins, I paid $50 for a 5 pack expecting I’d get at least the gnasher or Lancer, instead I get 3 embers and a boom. RNG my a**…sh*t is so rigged because I can tell some weapon skins are placed in a “pot” more than others causing it to get more duplicates …


Nah man, completely random. I bought quite a few packs and wound up with 5 snubs, 4 gnashers and only 1 lancer. Even still I didn’t get everything, not a single longshot or markza out of the 15 packs I bought. Got everything else though. But yeah, I’d totally like to be able to purchase items individually. I didn’t care about anything else besides the lancer, gnasher and snub. Wasn’t until pack number 13 that I pulled my first and only lancer. Was hoping to pull all 3 from a single 5 pack bundle, but of course it didn’t work out that way. I’m a sucker for sure

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I did the same THING for the skins only .was hoping for a Lancer .but like you said the drop rate is awful and the duplicates and common skins were added to the packs.Wow

It’s just luck. I got 5 packs and got 2 lancers and 1 gnasher.

Surely you guys see the catch here. If all you want is a gnasher skin and you’re willing to pay $2 or $8 or whatever, why would they do this when they can sell you 4 embar skins for $50.