Esports pack question

So I absolutely love the black steel characters even though they haven’t done one of my favorite character cough Ben Carmine cough, I’d still love to have some of the other characters I haven’t gotten yet. SO my question is are we still able to get past cards from past esports supporter packs or are they just confined to the characters advertised for that pack in said point and time? I’d love to have Classic Dom too (Never liked Dom until his BS Character)

You’d have to wait for the packs that contained the characters to be re released.

Esports packs are available each time an esports event is in place and while we usually only get the current pack, there are times in which one or more of them are available at the same time.

Check the esports section for dates and events:

Typically the eSports packs are available on Wednesdays to coincide with the live streams. They are available at the same time as usual packs - so 10:00 PST; 13:00 EST; and 18:00 GMT.

It’s not every Wednesday though. Just if there’s a live stream. It’s usually a Fight Night event or a Developer stream thing.

They also become available during the major Gears eSports tournaments. The most recent one was last week in New Orleans. The next is in end of September (can’t remember the precise dates) but the pack was available throughout that weekend.

As Belkain said they tend to focus on the current pack - in this case the Supporter 9 pack, but occasionally re-release older packs (which is quite rare). If you’re after any of the Supporter 9 packs then next Wednesday (25 July) may be your last or second to last chance for a while.

The Supporter 10 pack is expected in the next few weeks. I don’t think a date is known, but it should be in the next 2-3 weeks. TC haven’t indicated what the characters will be but let’s just say that fan rumours have been focusing about Classic Marcus and Armored Kantus being 2 of the 3… :wink: