Esports pack buying many packs

I have bought so many Esports packs but i have not the whole collection and i think i deserve to have them unless the weapon skins… please check for that for me if i was right give them to me please

Is this a joke thread?

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You’re supporting super overpriced RNG micro(mega?)transactions in the AAA gaming industry

You deserve NOTHING

No no, sorry where are my manners…

You do deserve to cry on the forums

To be fair, if you’ve spent that much you probably deserve to have everything for sale in the game, at a fair price, in a fair system

But you supported RNG

RNG doesn’t support you

It wants you to bleed money, it’s designed for you to bleed money

Don’t feed the beast

Stand and fight

You have a right to support a franchise,
they don’t have a right to support lootboxes




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No one’s entitled to anything. It’s random and if the RNG system screws you over, it’s one of those unfortunate things. I’m guilty of propping it up to an extent through buying the eSport packs myself (I’ve never used real money on the normal ones though). Complain all you want, that’s fine and people do, and should complain. But don’t expect TC to take pity on you and give you freebies. There’s no, or little incentive for them to do so frankly.

You’ve got to buy more!

So long as I get my single glorious character skin once per pack, I am happy, thou shouldst learn to be the same… or be rich.