Esports pack black steel

Anyone know what the next black steel is?

Usually come back on fight nights (Wednesdays)

If you mean the next series after this one its most likely at the next major event

It’s released well before each tournement in order to promote it. The Supporter 9 pack was released to promote New Orleans; and shortly after New Orleans (within 2 weeks) the Supporter 10 pack was released to promote San Diego which was the tournament after.

Supporter 11 will be to promote the next event in Mexico and is expected to be released pretty soon. Could even be this Wednesday (17th Oct).

Not sure about content. Some fans reckon it will be Palace Guard, Lambent Grenadier and Griffin on account of a supposed leak, but the image looks grainy and a bit fake
Hard to tell to be honest.

I’m hoping it’s tomorrow :crossed_fingers:

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