Esports pack 11?

(UltraMagnetic96) #1

I saw the new esports pack on this website’s store, but I couldn’t buy it. Then I turned on the Xbox and checked the store in the game, but it wasn’t there at all. It must’ve been a mistake to release the pack this week.

(TheDeuterostome) #2

I saw a thing a couple weeks back that showed a palace guard, Arron Griffin and lambert elit drone in it.


Yeah I saw that too but that doesn’t mean anything. You know people make up variants like that and post them. Would be cool to see Griffin IMO as a BS character. Still on the fence of trying to get him though since I haven’t played in close to a month and with the achievement coming out at the end of October, early November, I might not play again since RDR 2 is in a few weeks

(TheDeuterostome) #4

Yeah that’s true. We did see a black steel Gary awhile ago and that never happened. Red Dead will be cutting into my gears time as well.

(GB6 Kazuya) #6

I hope not. Griffin is incredibly annoying as it is, nevermind adding another variant.

As for the Palace Guard…FINALLY.

(NUBinbound) #7

i noticed it as well but what i dont get is if the pack is ready why make people wait instead of just releasing it?

(NUBinbound) #8

def no lambent because octus himself said they wouldnt come back for a while if at all and they were planned to be a one time release only and a BS griffin wouldnt make any sense because that would essentially be making him cheaper which TC would not do why sell him for 10$ instead of 15$ i feel like palace guard, theron sentinel, and gary /ben is a why more likely set but i could be wrong

(III EnVii III) #9

Must mean they are out soon and so another pack opening video is due :raised_hands:

(Mr Perkinator) #10

someone dm what is in these

(ImmortaL OP) #11

My theory is BS Carmine’s and a BS Flame Grenadier

(MondoMaddness) #12

I think it’s gonna be black steel biker Marcus, black steel dotd Marcus and black steel vintage marcus cause we cant have enough Marcus

(EVIL 0NE) #13

Hello everyone

This was a mistake and was taken down. Please, wait to be officially announced before posting about them.

While we welcome speculation, non-official information (ie. rumors) will be deleted regardless of its validity. We want to protect our fans from false or leaked information.

Please do not open multiple threads after they have been closed.

Thank you.

(EVIL 0NE) #14