Esports Kait unlock?

So I play on desktop and heard about there was a way to get a special character, but I was wounding if things are different since am on pc? so far I’ve done 3 escalation matches, now I just gotta do more and wait for the live streams, just also curious as to know how will we know if we unlocked it

no this is the only way to unlock it. Once you meet the requirements you will unlock an achievement to let you know that you unlocked it

If it is esport Kait you are trying to get, you won’t be able to until July 13th at the earliest but no later than July 14th. There are two steps, first you have to plat 5 complete matches of Escalation, and then on either July 13th or 14th, which ever day works for you, you have to login to and watch the esport competition for at least one hour. Then, you will get esports Kait!

This kind of stuff is one reason why I quit playing, way to many things to complete. I missed quite alot.

You have plenty of time to complete the rest of the challenges that are left. Half of them don’t start until August