eSports Kait - Second chance

I know that the opportunity to unlock eSports Kait has passed, but for us in timezones like the UK… it wasn’t exactly fair to expect us to watch a stream.

Is there any chance a second more reasonable way to unlock could be made available? I’d love to carry her over into gears 5.

Probably not. Its a trash skin anyway . your not missing anything

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Kait (black steel) is my favourite character, so I was really hoping to unlock this one.

Was unable to sit up to silly hours to watch the stream due to work. What a shame.

What makes that particular skin be trash?

BS Kait looks good. But this Esports Kait is TRASH. But thats just my opinion

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Yeah considering I paid quite a bit before I unlocked BS Kait… I’d like to carry her over. But I still think it sucks for anyone out of the USA who can’t watch the streams.

Its just one of those skins that (IMO) dont fit Gears. Like the Biker Marcus or Wrestler Oscar> I could say a little more about it but I’d get suspended from the forums

Unfortunately not, otherwise TC will anger the people who met the requirements.

I do sympathise with UK players though due to the awful timeframe.