Esports Kait Scam

Wow. Just wow. I am sure this is not the first post of this nature. Coalition you had better automatically unlock Esports Kait to literally everyone who signed into the stream today. That was a travesty! 90 per cent of those people didnt want to watch, and were bored senseless for several hours and many are still without Esports Kait!

I made a post a week or so ago saying you guys are actually looking out for the community, now you let this happen??? Just to boost your Twitch viewers! Not even a thought spared for the players, you know, us? The ones who fund your game. This is an absolute disgrace.

I will feel sick if all you come up with is"go watch the stream again." Please just unlock the character for everyone who logged into the stream today and maybe the number of cancelled pre orders for Gears 5 wont be so bad.

As long as you were logged in for 60 minutes, regardless of the quest, they will do that :slight_smile:

Closing as we have multiple threads on this topic.