eSports Kait needs to come back

Good luck with that. I see another Hivebuster Anya scenario coming, minus the potential to get banned because of allergic future content reactions.

I’m not sweating over it, I’m playing fallout right now. I’m actually happy playing videogames right now.

Well, don’t get your hopes up. I’m not seeing it returning anytime soon because TC loves to piss people off even with things that have little real bearing on the gameplay itself.

I dont plan to lol, I dont have my mind set on playing gears for a very long time.

And If I do play gears anytime soon, it’s most likely gonna be to replay a campaign.

Don’t worry I still got this lol


That was just for the road to gears 5. That skin is an exclusive skin you had to unlock in GOW4 or you wouldn’t get it.

Sorry, but if you didn’t put in the time back then, you won’t get it now. Doesn’t matter the reason why you couldn’t do it… it was there for anyone to unlock for that limited time & if you missed out, that’s it.

Okay, now I know why I’m looking at this post and wondering why I didn’t get her - it’s because she never was available for coins. She is the best unique character they came up with to me in some time, love her voice and voice lines and the helmet and armor design is actually good. I already got both double packs with their regular and heavy armor and was waiting for this one to be available for coins too. Had I known that this wasn’t going to be available for coins, I would have just used iron.

Again, this is one of TC’s biggest faults that I have an issue with that is easier to work on than in-game issues - their communication.

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This is exactly what they want. Don’t give in.

Yall are reading way too hard into TC’s motives. I doubt TC even care about what’s going in 5 at this point, they moved on to learning the new engine a long time ago. Everything will be put into the store sometime this month, like they said. Just chill out and have patience.

If you really wanted a Akagi that much you would’ve just bought her for iron. Which there is plentiful amounts of for free in the tour.


None of this excuses the poor communication around the subject that they didn’t implement the functionality BEFORE they cycled the store. Which I’m pretty sure is largely what people are having an issue with, if you ignore the matter of the skin not being available as of now.


Ronin Karn needs to come back

My g

I’m talking about the free iron I earned over all the seasons, I never bought iron or skins.

kait as a character needs to die

No. That reward needs to be respected to those that got it. AAPE Kait is a similar 2nd prize.
Be ready for Road to Gears 6 rewards.

TC doesn’t consider to bring them back, meanwhile these items can’t be traded between players, that’s the problem.