eSports Kait needs to come back

I’m sick and tired of checking for eSports kait on every single gears esports news page. I think it’s just so unfair that you can’t get it anymore. I think almost everyone that didn’t get her would understand how bad we need her back. Esports kait is one of the best looking skins in my opinion and they should bring another chance for the people who couldn’t get it due to time zones or not knowing how to get it. The skin is a really good skin and it sad to know it won’t come back. I would be willing to drop at least $9.99 on her.

They arent bringing Esports Kait back no matter how many posts you make.

They gave notice before the stream happened. If you wanted the skin that badly you would’ve been there instead of making excuses.


None of the Road to Gears 5 content is going to return.


Yea like it’s already been said, road to gears 5 items won’t be back.

However on your opinion it’s best looking, to each their own I suppose. Kait is my main and I still never wear that lol AAPE, Ice, Black Steel, Gilded, Winter, Desert even Hivebuster and Chrome Steel are all > Esports… but that’s my opinion.

If I could gift her I would, I literally used her 2 or 3 times total (both 4 and 5 combined) since I’ve gotten her.

I think people think so fondly of it because its rare.

Like you said though. I really prefer Hivebuster. Desert and Heroic Kait more than any of the esports ones. They all look good though.

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But just look at these beautiful teeth:


Look at those chompers


Damn JD gets to kiss THAT??? I’m jealous :weary:

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That’s not coming back since TC tried to bring one of the Road to Gears 5 rewards back(aka Black Phantom), and got their fingers burned badly.

Me? I don’t actually care despite owning the skin because I only have it due to doing all of the “challenges” of said ‘event’. What actually should return and that TC has no excuse of still holding back is this :


(And other items from that and the following store weeks.)



Those had me worried since Day one

It sucks that you didn’t get her, but no. Some things need to stay ‘special’. In game that is.
Very different than, say, Spiderman as an exclusieve Sony character in a multiplatform game.

They really don’t since she bae af. Complete robbery for those who were completely unaware of how the game just evolved but backwards with it being only being available for iron and then locked away until further notice.


One of my favorite COGs as of late
glad I grabbed her

Not only that but the excuse they gave is absolute ■■■■■■■■. “Oh but we didn’t implement the same format as previous Operations.” So why TF are the skins not immediately moved over to the permanent store section(s)? Like, I had the iron to buy it but wasn’t too active during that week on the game and didn’t think much on buying the skin. And now it’s been about 4 weeks since it first appeared.

“Just wait for an update we didn’t disclose any date or timeframe on.” … but why does putting a skin into a different section of the same store require more than a simple server side update to tell it where it goes?


Because every operation has to have some type of “gimmick” somewhere. Except here, I am fully convinced it’s deliberate instead of a bug unlike the previous 8 operations we had. It’ already bad enough we’re being drip fed the remaining skins that were LITERALLY SHOWN OFF IN A TRAILER TWO MONTHS AGO* but to add insult to injury, we can only maybe buy them for iron until they go away forever unless the “essential drops” brings them back or whatever.

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Whatever “future update” means. I’m not buying into it that TC doesn’t have the ability to make those skins from the last few weeks available again right now, instead of “Yeah, we’ll give them to you at some point but it may be tomorrow, or it may be in three months”.


C’mon, you know they did it on purpose. Otherwise, they would have kept the tab where all the OP items were stored until the next one. They just want to suck up more money from people, because now there are plenty of folks buying iron to get those skins out of fear of missing out on them. It’s disgusting.

I’m glad I got them for the iron I still had, because I got suspicious the moment I saw the updated store. And I’m glad I also had more than enough for Hivebuster Alicia and Barrick. Since I play PvE I’m not bothering with the Swarm skins this time. I’m not investing in a game that the developer has decided to drop like a rock.

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I don’t really care whether they’re back to sucking money out of players, I’m not letting the ■■■■■■■■ slip through on them either way. Not that I expect it to matter because the “community team” account has about as much actual interaction with the community as a dead bird in the middle of the room. Actually, the dead bird would actually interact more simply from the attention it’s getting.


I’d actually play 5 again if they gave me her back :pensive::triumph: