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Esports Kait needs alternative solution!

I won’t, If It was me, none of these would be obtainable lol. GL

what he meant is that Asian sever rarely have any people playing escalation on ranked

what he meant is that Asian sever rarely have any people playing escalation on ranked

Are there really that many people playing Gears of War 4 on PC?

Thats all.I see here on the forum’s. Complaining about the PC version.

Outside of NA,

The game has population issues and TC has stopped players from being able to play.

sifting through the Gears4 Challenges at and came across the unannounced set going up on August 1st. (minus the Gold Lancer challenge)

I agree. I’m in Australia and, for at least the last year or so, all of multiplayer is a ghost town. It’s impossible to find even one single other player in either core or competitive playlists.

And for anybody that feels the need to say “can’t you just play in another region”, no. The game does not allow you to select which servers you connect to.

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Try playing in the co-op vs AI playlist. You can do most multiplayer achievements in there. Not the escalation one, unfortunately.

You basically have to buddy up with a party of US players and get allocated onto one of their servers. The lag will probably be very bad though but at least you just gotta complete the matches rather than win them.

The Special Event right now is Core Escalation. I dunno how long it’ll take for you to find a game in that but luckily the Special Events have forced crossplay so hopefully you can find a lobby. It’s rolling lobbies as well so if you get in, don’t leave lol.

This was how I was finally able to finish the 5 matches so I can confirm the special event version of Escalation does count for the Kait challenge.

watched ELEAGUE Invitational
played Escalation on SPECIAL EVENT
obtained Esports Kait

i watched over 2 hours of that stupid event. I watched it from start to finish and didnt get credit for the thing. pisses me off.


I haven’t been lucky to find a lobby yet…don’t think I’m gonna end up getting the Esports Kait at this point which sucks. The game seems dead in Australia. Wish all I had to do is watch the stream that I can do at least.

Have you tried to find a US based player over Xbox LFG? That would make it easier to find the matches. Albeit at a high ping.

Might have to give it a go, just sucks that it’s come to that

I’m not an Australia based player so I can’t speak for what it’s like for you(though I believe @GhostofDelta2 is), but it is just a sad reality. I don’t even see Gears 4 lasting beyond Gears 5 launch. It seemed rather quick to find players in EU servers when the challenge went live in June, but now, most players likely have moved on again. I mentioned trying to find a US based player as it appears to be the most populated region for Gears 4 right now. Well, or anywhere in America really.

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Any idea how I’m supposed to contact them and tell them I didn’t get the skin because it didn’t register me watching it ?

i’ve seen several hours of the stream and the “time watched” was not moving ! … seriously, how i am supposed to unlock kait now ?

There were problems throughout the stream on both days which TC have acknowledged. TC have also said that they will roll out the reward to anyone who was logged in and meets the criteria (presumably along the lines of having been logged in for 60+ minutes).

Did you manage to log on?

I watched 2 hours on Saturday but only 25 minutes of progress recorded, but got the skin the following day (even though I didn’t/couldn’t click the claim button).

oh okay, yes i was logged in, i’ve watched on my phone and i saw the time moved to something like 20 minutes but then nothing.