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Esports Kait needs alternative solution!

in Road to Gears 5, Esports Kait seems to be available by completion of two activities…

“Watch 60 minutes of ELEAGUE Invitational on from July 13-14”
It’s okay, I’ll watch it.

“Complete 5 Matches of Escalation in Gears of War 4”
I’m playing Gears 4 on PC from Asia(Japan).

Please add any alternative solution for Esports Kait, devs. Please…


I feel your pain here but have you tried teaming up with some friends online in a 5 stack to knock them out? You could also try “looking for game” on xbox or “wanna play” here on the forums


I’m from Brazil and basically can’t play ranked matches after they removed the option to choose the region.

There’s a server in Brazil but takes forever to find a match. I don’t know how this matchmaking works, but it should try to find matches in the next best server (US East), but no, it seems that remains stuck in the Brazil server indefinitely.

Guys can’t you just join a European/US formites game session. ?
I mean the game will likely run like crap and you/they may get royally beat and possibly mocked but at least you will have fulfilled the criteria.


I got two matches in tonight. Then it took forever to find a third, so I just gave up. I think I’ll be able to get five eventually. I’m wary of playing ranked after being suspended because of a connection problem once before though. Hopefully, they have an escalation special event. Then it should be easy to get matches and no need to worry about suspensions.

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I’m in EU and tried looking for matches but no luck yet, I guess eventually if I persist enough I’ll knock the 5 games out but it’ll be a pain, it is what it is though :cry::see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil::ok_man:

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Bruh really…when it comes to playing escalation it doesnt matter if u win or lose i lost 4 out of 5 of the matches i played (mainly cuz teammates suk lol) but still got the achievement


Just wish we didn’t have to wait all the way till July to watch the stream for unlocking it


So does anyone know what time exactly the ELEAGUE Invitational is airing?

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TC have long ignored people not being able to play due to their decisions.

They definitely won’t alter a challenge if they won’t help their own players / fan be able to play the game.

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I was also worried about getting Escalation matches and I’m in NA. I can’t imagine what it’s like for other regions.

I suggest TC change it from completing both to completing one or the other.


Maybe I was just lucky yesterday but I found that I didn’t take long to find matches - usually two to five minutes(note, I’m in EU and on Xbox). Though it took me around three hours to complete the challenge, it was mostly because one match went all the way to the last possible round, and another two went back and forth before a team got the upper hand. Can’t imagine it will be very easy for PC players to get a match though.

I also don’t really get why we have to watch 60 minutes of stream in July for the skin - it’s not that I care for the skin because I find it looks stupid and unfitting of Gears and just get it for completion of all the challenges(which doesn’t mean others have to), but even with it being an eSports related skin(and massive advertisement at that), I find playing Escalation for it is enough. I personally didn’t find it so bad despite not really having any sort of previous Versus experience(largely stick to Horde), but I can’t imagine it’s very enjoyable for someone who doesn’t like PvP at all(I can be talked into it but will still be reluctant to get into it, not being much of a PvP player myself).

Where is Stream from e-sport? I sit on refreshing the page and stream does not start up? WTF? How can I get a skin if I can not finish the task to achieve it? @TC what is it?

It’s not in June.

It’s next month in July.


lol im crying right now please stop joking!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Yeah I saw this and instantly got worried as well, as a PC player lol. Hopefully between now and then they’ll have an Escalation Special Event. I imagine they will around the date of the eleague event.

I’ve tried but to no avail,trying to get games on escalation,so that puts me out for kait,plus 250 kills in versus.ive not had much experience on pvp,

i just hate this mode period. lolol

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These challenges bring out the true stupidity for a lot of people.


The state of the world…