Esports "It's Johnny!" :/

Um… I’m slightly confused. Normally when I look at E-sports I’m thinking Chrome Steel ya know? What is this skin? Am I missing something here? Some major trend or whatever? Can someone explain why we have this “Johnny” skin. I was hoping we would get a Locust Chrome Steel maybe for Cyclops or Stalker Kantus, Or something along those lines. Why this? Speaking of which, they still have not given the Chrome Steel Precision weapon set, Coalition man, please give me the rest of the Chrome Steel Weapons… I want that Chrome Steel sniper, Mark, Torque, and whatever else. Pretty please with sugar on top :3rd_place_medal:

I know Chrome Steel isn’t as good as Black steel, still, it makes characters look flashier and a lot nicer. Which I’m totally into. So if you don’t mind…

please, tell me whats up in the comments :slight_smile: