Esports is on for points for skins

I wasn’t expecting esports today but I checked and it’s on. Just wanted to give a headsup for those collecting points for skins. It’s really confusing about when actually esports is running. I thought it was just Tuesday Wednesday this week. Anyway, hope this helps for anyone trying to collect.


thanks bro, good lookin out

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Classic TC - inconsistent to the end. God… how do they expect to promote eSports if they don’t promote eSports?

@TCC_CONDOR have you definitely received points since tuning in? I’m getting mixed messages in the chatbox. Wouldn’t surprise me if TC hadn’t planned to give out points, but it somehow was in error though.


The challenger series tournament is on but I don’t see anything on Twitter or anywhere saying they’re giving points for today’s stream. Have you been watching and been rewarded points?

Hmm maybe there’s no points. I’ve been on for 40 min. I’ll add to the thread if my points go up or not.


yes, noticed that too :wink:


Thanks for that. False alarm. Unless anyone wanted to view the content for the sake of it.

Nah. I’m gonna go mop the floor and dust my shelves. :smiley:

I need to recategorize my stamp collection. I think I’ll do alphabetical today.

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Stamps are frigging ace.

Ya dang Skippy m8.

Future content i assume🤔