Esports is getting REALLY desperate for Views

i had it open in another tab and i still earned points

So you complaining about more free skins?

You do you, I’m gonna be grateful for these for free - thanks TC!


Wait… that’s gotta be an April Fools joke.

“free” + all the other ■■■■■■■■ Esports is constantly pulling off.

So yes, of course I’m complaining.

That’s too bad for you then, I’ll enjoy the free skins, no quotation marks needed since they don’t cost a cent.


You got solar-panels on your roof? Ngl, kinda jealous.


It wouldn’t surprise me if TC or whoever runs the site isn’t sophisticated enough to make such a thing work properly!

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Lol, call me if they ever give us BS characters…

@AmicableWall421 : BS Lizzy!

If it’s a joke, then TC is only proving once again that they’re completely out of touch when “reading” their audience.

If it is true, then congrats on finally swallowing their pride (Dana: Black Steel will never return) and acknowledging what their customers have been requesting since day 1.

Was anyone actually hoping that they would come back as stream-skins instead of store-items?

I’m not expecting them to go through the effort of making anything new if any BS character skins even appear at all, instead of just reusing the Gears 4 ones to remake in 5.


And no further comment on the sudden change of mind. Pathetic.

1 more on the evergrowing mountain of TCs lies.

What if I tell you - that my laptop more than likely would have been on anyways?

What a weird thing to pull mental gymnastics on - getting free skins by just watching some streams.

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:ok_hand:t2:Cool story

@GhostofDelta2 would you mind? before I say something unwise.

HerrKatzchen in a nutshell.


the last thing TC want’s to do cause more ire towards itself. a thinly veiled Aprils Fools Joke is a good way to do that


Until they fix offline customization I don’t give a ■■■■ about skins anymore. I regret getting the chrome weapons set after they told me that they have no intention of fixing it.

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Oh man so now I have to do this too to lock in the grenadier? Was hoping to walk away after last week. That final weekend was brutal. Didn’t appreciate being tricked into streaming both days. :tired_face:

Hi Herr (big, big fan)

Can I get a summary … I am working and don’t have time to suffer through Twitter :pleading_face:

Please <3