Esports Dec 18 Occult Skins - What's the deal? No official reply still


On dec 18, they made us watch the esports all day and then not deliver the skins for the occult load out set. I see acesmcloud made a statement of his best guess to confirm but there’s been no statement by coalition, despite them still posting on social media.

What’s the deal?

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You’ve been around here long enough to know that this question will never get answered.

May as well ask on the halo forums👍

Good luck though.


Esports side of things have always been separate to the Community Team.

It’s the Gears Esports Twitter for official Esports related notifications and they’ve not tweeted since the ASTRO Fall Major where the Occult Snub, Lancer and Gnasher were claimable but the Gnasher had an issue with the grant not working in-game.

As you can appreciate around this time of year, there’s staff on holiday, so not able to fix it as quickly as typically do when the platform doesn’t deliver one of the weapon skins properly.

I appreciate everyone would probably want a statement tweeted by the Official account but it’s not often they do, probably because it will just invite a load of abuse back at them.

I can confidently say that if you clicked the claim button for the Occult Gnasher you will get it eventually, being a long time vet of the streams and a Mod for a couple of years now, this issue has come up a few times and managed to get it resolved.

I wouldn’t like to promise a specific date, but my guess would now be after the holiday when everyone returns to work after New Years, sometime in that first week back. It could appear before then still, I’m not privy to TC staff booked holiday days.

I know it is an inconvenience missing the Gnasher from the set, unfortunately mistakes and errors do crop up from time to time. I beg your patience a little longer.

Merry Gearsmas and a Happy New Year :partying_face:

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i did and the lancer and snub were not in my inventory. i sent a ticket in with screenshot.