Esports 9 New Orleans packs!

Yo why are they releasing the same pack like 4 times in a row?? I already got all three characters and most of the skins in the pack… I was really hoping for a new pack but there isn’t and that the New Orleans skins should of been its own pack… I’m not going to waste my money on these!!! Sorry but I’m a bit mad ;c ;c ;c ;c ;c

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I know i looked just now hoping for new black steel varients its a shame tbf that they havent made more black steel skins

We won’t have a new BS pack till AFTER the upcoming New Orleans event. Hopefully we get the other Carmines on pack #10.

I bought one to see what the NO skin is like.

Absolutely terrible.

Scrapped it but at least got Cole who I was missing :+1:

You can check the NO Skins here:

I dont think they are the best esports skins but you be the judge.

Have a nice day!

They are worst.

I got the Gnasher and looked like no effort put into that skin.

Vegas Skins still the best :heart:

yea the weapon skins in 9 werent too good if i want to use primordial i just equip my bone skins from tai’s release and the new orleans skins were lack luster

So far the only eSports ones I like and use are:

Emissive Black Steel

Console Weapon Skins

I really want the Snaked and Snake Eye Skins but they are never getting released :slightly_frowning_face:

I think the best esports skins are the console one. They are black and white.

Yeah, I was lucky to get the complete set.

Plus they have little Xbox Symbols on the weapons :speak_no_evil:

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They should do some Xbox X ones. Reverse the colors!

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That would be AW-SOME !!

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i think if the fight night skins didnt have those words plastered on them they’d be my favorite atm i like the s2 vegas skins


I like S1 Vegas but S2 are pretty nice as well.

As well as the New Mexico S2 ones.

Have a working link? That goes to a 404

Really can’t comprehend why people are wasting not so insignificant amounts on RNG packs while the game is obviously abandoned from developers…???

Looks like the linked changed. Here the updated link:

I’m a sucker for new skins :+1:

I thought the NO skins would be animated and lit up. I thought it would be a hot skin.


But nope. Just like so minor for a paid Skin.