Esports 14 pack

Can the coalition please bring back supporter pack 14 I missed that pack and it’s only been out once

TC had eSports Content for the Tournaments.

Now that all of the tournaments for Gears 4 have ended and TC will kick off E-League for Gears 5,

It’s very unlikely they will see a return, unless TC confirm otherwise, I can’t see it happening.

Your best option is to keep checking the Gears eSports Page over on Twitter for any updates as they will get announced there if and when available.

You gotta stop at this point lol. The beta is in 1 month and the full game is in less than 3 months.

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You’re kidding right? Gears 5 will be here in less than three months, and with it all Gears 4 eSports characters will become obsolete (except eSports Kait).