Esports 13 tomorrow

Just a heads up that esports 13 will (most likely) release tomorrow if you enjoy that stuff. Should be pretty juicy.

My predictions are Ben,Sraak and Gary (maybe flame grenadier instead)

Def excited for it

You sure? I hope so anyway.

Black steel El-p will be a dream

Seeing that Mexico is a month away and they usually release it before a major event, and then re-release the special edition at the event, it makes sense.



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It’s what I’ve been waiting for :grimacing:

If the Weapon Skins aren’t very good I’ll most likely get a 10x Pack to make sure I pull all the Characters.

If they are REALLY good weapon skins then I think I’ll get about 20-30x but they would have to be nicer than my current load out of Black Mamba for the Swarm (I don’t really swap the Cogs Emissive Set).

If it isn’t today then it’s next Wednesday but I hope it’s later today :v:

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Hopefully it will be today :+1: and I’ve not got high hopes for better weapon skins! I’d be happy with another chance to get the Primordial Lancer :ok_hand:, and as for characters they’d have to be worth it! I’m half expecting a Black Steel Stalker Kantus with one light under his left boot.


Why would it be tomorrow when the next event is next month? I thought they usually released at the same time events took place.

The release schedules have become a bit messy recently.

The eSports Supporter packs are normally released well in advance of a tournament in order to promote it.

For example eSports 9 was released to promote New Orleans and that was released about a week after the previews tournement (Las Vegas). On the run up to New Orleans eSports 9 had the event weapon skins added to it.

Supporter 10 was released a little over a week after New Orleans to promote San Diego (which at the time was about 8-9 weeks away).

Supporter 11 and 12 have changed the pattern, so it’s unclear what the patten will be. I’d have thought it make sense to release Support 13 soon do there’s plenty of time to promote it before the Mexico City tournament.

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Expecting TC to just deliver 3 nice skins but reality is we probably will get something disappointing :see_no_evil:

But, you never know!

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Please remember that the esports cycle for gears 4 is ending very soon and TC want to squeeze the most amount of money in the shortest time. I know some things and I can guarantee that we will got to supporter pack 14.

Cheers for that confirmation, haven’t really been paying attention to the eSports supporter packs lately.

Wishful thinking!!

Oooh! :bulb:

Black Steel Gingerbread Imago!


Really hope they just let us purchase the characters directly this time around, especially since this may be one of the last esports sets we get for this game

But one character I need in my life is a black steel variant for either of the commando dom’s.

TC confirmed that they will be RNG packs.

Fixed it for you :sweat_smile:

Aint happening.

What do you mean? :S

How do you know?