Esports 10 pack high dupe rate and crappy drops

The one card i really wanted i couldnt even get after 6 pack openings armored kantus .instead I got 4 marcus and 2 minh and even some crap skins were mixed into the packs really common ones you can craft. Dont think I can pay to go through the dissapointment again

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The duplicates are outrageous in all Esports packs. Don’t buy them unless you have a lot of money to burn lol


Don’t buy them.

At all.


i usually have good luck on packs myself which is probably why i feed into them i’ve never had to buy more than 5 packs for any of the 6-10 esport packs i didnt buy any of 1-5 because they were terrible as there was no guaranteed character

but i agree there shouldnt be so many duplicates and maybe for esports 11 they’ll have the pay for what you want thing although i do doubt it

I just bought one and what I was hoping for was:

  1. No Minh.
  2. No cash snub.
  3. No cash enforcer.
  4. No San Diego Snub.

Why not? I have plenty of snubs and enforcers from previous esports packs and character wise the kantus looks great but I would’ve settled with Marcus.

What did I get? obviously all of the above, so no more than one this time.

Edit: card #4 was the emblem and #5 was a bounty.

It took me 19 packs to get the Armored Kantus. I felt pretty angry at myself for losing control and spending that much money.

That’s RNG though. Some people have good luck, but many have really poor luck. You’re not the first to get burned and won’t be the last unfortunately.

at some point you try to get that last character out of spite lol i’m glad i’ve never had to spend an insane amount maybe esports 12 will change that, but i also normally wait until they do the “special feature” skins as well so i dont have to buy extras for those

Bloody hell, that is a lot of “wasted cash” I’m glad I’m not effected by trying to obtain certain characters or weapon skins. I was buying 1 pack per Esports pack, but stopped that around pack 6.
I hope you have better luck with the next pack.
Just curious IF you were given the odds of getting such and such before purchasing what % of getting the item you want would you boys at. I’m thinking about the FIFA cards that now tell you your chances before buying. Apparently the rarest cards are less than 0.01 % of dropping per pack!!! Why would someone but on those odds ?

it actually was only specified as less than 1% so it wasnt even an exact number and for the esports packs at the current system it’s probably around a 95% chance to get an epic character and 5% for a legendary EA wont give an exact statistic for the “watch this one” players but i assume it’s as close to zero as possible knowing them

I had always been disciplined previously when buying eSports packs. At most I would have bought one of the 5 pack bundles (in some cases I just bought 2-3 single individual packs) and had reasonably good luck except on one occasion with the eSports Supporter 5 (just two characters out of 5 packs) but even then I was able to refrain from buying anymore.

Prior to that I had bought a total of 23 packs from eSports Supporter 4 through to 9 and got 16 different characters.

I think that was what annoyed me most about Supporter 10 - that it was so out of character for me and I normally have much more restraint.

I think NUBinbound has pretty much described it accurately - it wasn’t getting it out of spite per se (I wouldn’t word it like that), but being determined to get the Armored Kantus to almost justify the expense I had already incurred. I had acquired Minh and Marcus easily in my first 5 pack bundle, and the longer it went on for the more I thought that if I gave up then packs 6 onwards would have been wasted. It’s a twisted logic and I’ve obviously got no one to blame but myself.

In terms of the future, I’ll see what is in the next pack. I’m genuinely not tempted by Supporter 1 and 2 -the characters just don’t appeal to be at all, so if the content doesn’t appeal then I’ll hold onto my money.

I’ve also got some Xbox and Microsoft vouchers so can always use those to get a single pack. The vouchers expire at some point so I have to use them.

It’s really down to luck, when pack 10 dropped all I wanted was Minh, first pack = kantus, second pack = Marcus, 3rd pack = kantus, 4th = marcus and 5th = Minh.

Now that characters are guaranteed I usually spend 30€ per pack and get what I want, so 30 every couple of months doesn’t seem too excessive to me and still supports the scene and the game, I’ve spent a lot on first 5 series though, don’t even want to talk about it…

For the first time I didnt buy an esports pack. Gladly I havent. My hard worked money is still in my bank account looking at me and I can feel its happiness too :rofl:

I stopped buying as soon as gears 5 was announced. I started wondering why bother to spend lots of money on these things if in 1 year it will be useless anyway. Even now it is useless lol. I really think that I wont fall prey for microtransactions ever again as I have learned my lesson. With microtransactions I will never ever be satisfied paying so I stopped caring altogether. Hopefully with more countries banning them this RNG will come to an end.

After this topic has been discussed, debated, and raged about for what, 2 years now, people STILL complain and act surprised… lol…

Ohh, well…

Just opened 3 packs and i got the 3 characters and every San Diego weapon skin. First time it happens to me.

Feel sorry for some of you on here. Don’t mean to brag.

I’ve not paid real money for any packs before this eSports 10 pack. I wanted Minh most, the armoured Kantus second and didn’t want Marcus at all. Also wanted the San Diego gnasher skin. First pack - Kantus and gnasher. Second pack - Minh.

Couldn’t have asked for a better run of luck. Don’t agree with the pack business model at all but I really wanted Black Steel Minh so I splashed some cash for the first time.

I agree. This is a huge problem.

As long as people stop buying the packs then they will remove the RNG.

Damn, first pack got me Kantus pulled him again out of my second one as well. Should have stopped on that first pack. I wanted to get the rest of the San Diego skins though as I got the snub from both packs. So I bought a bundle. Got 4 snubs and a lancer. Bought another bundle and got 4 lancers and the gnasher. Ended up buying a total of 12 packs to complete the set. Got 4 Marcus’s, 4 Kim’s and 5 Kantus’s. One of my packs contained Kantus and Kim so that’s where the extra character came in.

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Opened 4 e-sports supporter 10 packs before this event, got 2 Minhs and 2 Marcus’, opened 4 more this event therefore totalling 8. I now have 4 Marcus’ and 4 Minhs. Never opened any other pack before but I couldn’t resist the Black Steel Armoured Kantus and hoped to get one within 2/3 packs. NEVER opening another pack again, extremely angry and disappointed at TC.:disappointed:

Did anyone actually have good luck in getting the character(s) they wanted?