Esports 10, kind of sad

So i bought 2 packs and got the characters i wanted. Kantus and Marcus


After seeing the 10 emblem i really wanted it but alas no luck for me. It kind of sums up Gears Esports perfectly and i am not throwing another $10 just to get an emblem

your absolutely right, if were paying money for packs we should get what we want guaranteed in my opinion

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usually emblems drop almost in every pack

I got the characters i wanted. the money esports logo screams this is gears 4

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I wish that they would be duplicate protected pack, I think they should be saying as WE ARE PAYING for them!, I hate paying £8.39 to get a duplicate card! Because to me, that ain’t cheap for a skin!


I still can’t believe you fools think you have any right to complain about this .

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Why don’t we exactly? If we chose to pay to support their e sports we should get stuff that we don’t own.

Because you are paying for a “Chance” to win their lottery and when it doesn’t go your way you start to complain .Thats not how life works …You have no right to complain about their lottery game when you don’t win what you want,get it?

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You don’t particiapate, so you don’t have a right to complain or be a part of this conversation! Get it?

They make money off duplicates.

Some people drop $500 on a single supporter pack to get what they want.

Why would they change things to make you happy if they’ll make less money in doing so?

Esupporter packs bring in MILLIONS.

i got the characters i wanted so no real complaints

I just wanted the emblem since gears is all about trying to milk its player base for money. This esports logo is the perfect fit for this game. but at least i only spent 20 dollars