Esport Weapon Skins in the Store

If you missed something in the past seems like nows the time to get your missing weapon skins

This is for you @III_EnVii_III

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All the info can be found over at:

Aha, I’ve already thousands getting complete collections -

My favourites are the Emissive Set and the Black Mamba Set - I highly recommend those!

Other notable ones are the Console, Primordial & Sundered.


The Emissive Snub was the worst, well over 130 packs.

I love how they’re “50-75% off” when they’ve never been sold before. Pogchamp marketing


I agree the Emissive Set is the best, Black Mambas are ok. I do like the fight night ones as well.

The 1 pack I did buy I got the Emissive Dropshot, Embar and Snub

Wish they’d done this a couple months back. May throw $10 or so at it, but I think they wasted a big opportunity not dropping this when they did the character sale.

I imagine it’s to indicate a potential future release with the alternative price.

Or perhaps that price is what we can expect in Gears 5 with no RNG BS!

They don’t look that impressive in games.

I find with a few of them, in the renders and in the menu they look nice but then when your playing, they look to plain for my liking - but I’m sure some people like them which is guess I’m happy for!

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Even when they dropped the character sale it was a wasted opportunity by not doing it sooner.

Yea I feel theres a handful that look good in the menu and then cant really tell them apart in game

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I’d say if TC had dropped a past set for sale immediately following a new set, there was easy money to be made.

I’d buy them if they carried over to gears 5, but it’s a bit late in the game to be asking for money for something I’m not gonna be able to use for that long


My Microsoft Rewards points paid for the Black Mamba & Fight Night sets :smile:

Those are my two favorites from the Esports collection, minus the Black Steel/Emissive ones.

They must have made a ton off of the packs. I know a few people that spent a ton chasing a certain skin or character. The only question to ask though is would TC have made more selling individual skins or not? Something we’ll never know

Looking at the list, all the sets are $3.99 except for one. One out of fourteen packs is $1.99 just so they can say All packs are 50-75% off when really only one pack is 75% off.

Too bad they waited so long. I would have been all over this a couple months ago.


They did the same thing with the characters. There was always 1 that was 2.99 or 3.99 and the rest I think were 5.99-7.99 depending on rarity

About time I gotta say, finally get my hands on the primordial set.

My personal recommendations: console, emissive, primordial, and the LEGO sets

Definitely a bit late in the game for this…why would I pay for skins that are only gonna be used for a few more months before Gears 5…if they carried over to gears 5 then I’d pay for a few sets otherwise way too late for this they definitely should have done this months ago

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Are any of the sets Dynamic, I can’t tell from the ingame store.
To be honest I’m pretty set on what I use now be it:
Black Phantom

Pretty messed up for the idiots like me who spent thousand of U.S.D buying them long ago. Good thing about it is that they finally listened about making this type of deal instead of RNG. Or mayb because this game might die in a few months ahead anyways and they won’t get carry over.