Esport Supporter Pack 12 wrong emblem received (how can i get the correct emblem TC?)

So yeah, as soon as the pack was in the store i tried to buy one pack in the game but the game crashed many times so i used my pc and i bought the pack, it not appeared until some minutes later, i opened it and i received all of this :

I bought this pack mainly for the BS Palace Guard and the beautiful Reaper Emblem but as you guys can see i received a wrong emblem called: Mexico City Aztec. Is this the correct place to ask for TC to give me the correct emblem?. I know it would be easier for me to buy another pack but this time i have no money to spend on packs because the Black Friday is so close.

Never seen this emblem before. What did it look like when equipped?

Clearly that emblem doesn’t belong in the pack and I don’t think I’ve seen it before so it’s a safe guess to assume it will be part of the next esports pack for the Mexico event next year.

I was considering buying a pack just to get the emblem, looks like I won’t be bothering.

@Superunknown_IV I suggest you try posting this on twitter, it’s got more chances than the “official” forums. Edit: my my, I have to eat my words, they fixed this via the forum.

That’s kind of cool

Have brought this up to TC to be investigated.

Thanks for reporting.


Thank you for bringing this up to our attention. This was due to a bug that we quickly fixed via hotfix shortly after the Esports Supporter Pack 12 went live. Apologies for the confusion - I have applied the Reaper Emblem to your account.

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oh hell yeah thanks, its fixed and its beautiful, also thanks to the creator of this beautiful emblem (weapons skins in the other hand are bad, it should be more metallic or animated lol)

What does the Reaper emblem look like when youre in a lobby?