Esport Skin Frequency

Didn’t find the answer I was looking for using the search function so I figured I’d ask, I’m just wondering how often do skins make a return for another chance at redeeming them? Been keen on collecting a set and I’ve been missing out on a few weapons on several occasions. Having an incomplete set is driving me nuts. :rofl:

Which ones do you mean? The ones given away on eSports streams? Or the ones that appear in the Store? Or both?

Broadly speaking, what usually happens with the eSports sets is that the loadout set is usually sold in the ingame store, but these current sets (Bedazzled and Showdown) are an exception to the rule. The rest are usually given out during the course of a tournment. It used to be one full set per tournment finals, but due to Covid-19 the set-up has had to change so they’ve been giving out 2 weapons per stream leading up to the finals. From the past tournements and skins, the skins only appear once so if you’ve missed it then you’ve probably missed them for good.

However toward the end of GOW4’s life-cycle they did do some polls where fans could vote for which skins they’d like to return as a one-off. I think they might have been given out again on Developer’s Streams though, and they don’t give out skins on those anymore.

Personally, I’ve only completed the Motherboard set. I’ve missed a couple here and there for all of the other sets as well (or I just straight out did not like them and didn’t bother collecting or buying the loadouts). Like the Showdown and Bedazzled sets - I missed the first two from yesterday.

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Bedazzled ones are cool as, only managed to get the talon and embar, would love the load out ones

They’re on stream tomorrow.

Esports-skins usually only make a 1time-appearance. During the finals they gave a few of the Carrion-skins away for the 2nd time but that’s about it.

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Ah nice, thanks for the info gents. The Bedazzled skins are the ones I’m collecting atm. Seems like I’m gonna miss out on the Talon, Hammerburst, Torque, Retro, GL and Dropshot.

What the bedazzled shotgun, lancer and pistol?

Nice - probs be stupid o clock for me in the U.K. though

Mhm, you should be 1 hour behind my timezone if you’re in the UK so the stream should start around 4 pm for you. They go on for like 8-9 hours though and new skins take about 1 1/2- 2 hours to show up.

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Yeh I had it on fairly late yesterday but whatever time the drop shot was available I was fast asleep :rofl::rofl:

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Dropshot was one of the earliest skins. The stupid Showdown Gnasher ( that I’m never gonna use) showed up around 3:30 am. Complete waste since they gave it out again as the first skin today,

Also, the Bedazzled probably show up later tomorrow.

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Oh ■■■■ was it? fair play missed that one then. I wasn’t even bothered by those showdown ones, don’t look great at all to me

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They would be nice if there wasn’t a GIANT controller blasted all over them.

What I’ve also noticed today, the Mexican Gears Twitter account actually notifys everyone when a new skin becomes claimable. I wish I was kidding.

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Me = King of Skins: my account skins

Chrome Steel … TC has not completed this set
Funky Monkey


There were chrome steel weapons as well?

Yes. They were released back in 2019 in the usual sets - loadout; assault; power weapons; and precision weapons. The precision weapon set was only released for a very short time - literally a few minutes before they were mysteriously pulled from the store so only a tiny number of people managed to get them. None of them have been re-released since.

They should release the sets in the esports store
Honestly it’s not like anyone can complain about “exclusivity” since they didn’t do anything to actually earn them they were just free if you sat through the boring esports stream. (Although someone created a script/chrome extension thing that would try to claim whatever
quest is currently available.)

They’d sell like crazy and people would be able to complete sets, and TC gets money to puttowards the prize pools.

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The Chrome Steel ones weren’t from an eSports stream - they were available to buy using Iron in the ingame store.

TC seems to prefer that Chrome Steels never happened once they’re gone from the store. I’ve tried multiple times to get a reply if they would ever return to the store and so far I got either “haha, who knows” from Dana or a warning from their chat-mod that they won’t talk about future content, Cause apparently old skins are future content now.

Oh. I was speaking in general about all the different past esports sets in general, but I doubt TC would do that. They don’t listen to the regular players suggestions

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They’re really infuriating when it comes to that line. I get its a PR thing, but at the same time it got old the 10th time Dana said it.

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