Esport Pack 12 not received

I did buy a esports 12 pack but it does not appear in my unopened packs on the web page, if i try to open the store on the game it crashes, please don´t do me the same that happened to the other guys months ago, they did not receive their esports pack until some days later, I wanted to open my pack right now.

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I will say a prayer for you my friend

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Devs don’t read the forums but good luck

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haha its fixed, i opened the pack and i did receive the palace guard and the hammer and snub skins, hell yeah. (and when i opened just 1 pack of the esports lambent pack i received the dron lambent and the lancer and gnasher skins, feels good man)

I’m having this issue also now. I just saw the Black Steel Palace Guard, and I WANT IT. But whenever I open the Shop, it crashes. All the time.

Can TC team be tagged in the forums. Hope they resolve this ASAP. Don’t wanna miss out on BS Palace Guard.

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I bought mine online and opened it on the website but none of my items appear in my customization section. Does anyone know how long it takes to transfer/have a similar issue? Thanks!

Yeah, I realized to do this also. Thank the Sovereigns for that. :smiley: Black Steel Palace Guard = NICE! But that Reaper emblem… Sexy! :smiley: Lovin’ that. :smiley:

Anybody wanna grab 'em. Simply go to the CARDS tabs and select SHOP, which’ll take you to Xbox LIVE shop to purchase them.

If you were able to purchase the items will appear in inventory once the issue has been resolved.

@Dreamzkape, so you got your skins immediately? I did not and cannot search for them on the my cards section, as they will not appear…

Thanks for the update. Already got them after opening them here online. :slight_smile: Loaded the game up, and they’re right there in Customization. Really love that Reaper emblem.

Try loading up the game, see if they’ve loaded up. After I’d opened my Gear Packs online, I loaded the game up. They were right there in Customization. If it doesn’t work, try exiting the game via Xbox Button and restart the game fresh, mate. Good luck.

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I have (and many of my friends have) an issue (bug) actually

The game freeze on the market and the menu ramdomly for the second. It’s annoying ! It’s the first time i have this king of issue and i’m on XBOX One

14 november is the start of the bug for me, who has the same thing ?

This issue would be related to causing the console to freeze when at the store, or opening packs. Please. have some patience till the Xbox Live Service issue is resolved .

Check status at:

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This is honeslty one of the best skins I’ve seen in a while. Almost thinking of picking up a pack or 2 but I don’t really like any of the characters tho lol.

Just buy them on the phone and open them there fam

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Oh my god they would finally release the Palace Guard (a character I’ve been wanting as black steel since forever) and the store is unavailable. The pain will never end.

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Go to the CARDS tab at the top. There, you can enter the STORE, which will take you to the Microsoft Xbox Live Store to purchase either of the 3 eSports 12 Gear Pack choices. Once purchased, go back to your CARDS and select “Packs” where you can open them. :slight_smile:

Give it time to show up on your game by perhaps closing Gears of War 4 via the Xbox button to restart it fresh. Get some! Hope this helps. If ever the Store is down and crashing again, try this whenever you want to grab an awesome Gear Pack. Me, also I’m loving that Black Steel Palace Guard. Would be snazzy to see BS Myrrah surrounded by only BS Palace Guards in a match. :smiley: lol

the skins looks really bland ingame, i think they looks as bad as the sugar skins or the smile skins

That suks man… Would be better if they were animated or had the reaper face pulsing white at the least, or maybe some white cloud motions behind the reaper spreading back and forth on the weapon itself. Idk, but hey if TC ever needs a hand with weapon designs for the future, hit me up. I’d do it for free… as long as they throw in a bloodmoon imago on my main. :grin: