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"Escape" the frustration!

Work your way up the difficulties or go as high as Intermediate or Experienced at first. Maybe Advanced, but for Slite at least have your classes and skills a certain level before you try it.

Wouldn’t recommend Inconceivable or Master, however. I could describe them as ridiculously unbalanced at best. Especially Master, even if TC have tied two medals to Master hives. It is practically Gears 4 Inconceivable with ridiculous bullet sponging enemies.

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I’m sad that some of the characters are useless in Escape. So far, I’ve had the most fun with Escape out of all game modes. It’s just people play the same 4 people. The main 3 Escape characters, then Emile. That’s it. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone play Kat, and if anything, I’m usually the one to play Sarah Connor.

How many people have managed to master escape? I’m really struggling.

I haven’t even attempted it yet. The highest I’ve completed is Insane. I got into 1 Inconceivable match, and we failed. All’s I know is that 3 main hive characters are the best for Escape. All the other’s are meh. They don’t have much firepower cards. They’re mainly for up-close combat. Especially Emile.

Notes taken! I appreciate the response!!!