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"Escape" the frustration!

So I too have struggled with mulitplayer. I decided to give Escape a try. And now I’m diggin it! I actually find it pretty fun and have now played more of that that VS. I’ve read all of the complaints about mulitplayer and escape. I agree with what’s being said. . But I’m going to put the negativety to rest for a while… So,

1.Whos your go to character?

2.What level are you currently at?

3.What perks do you find work best? (Especially in higher difficulty levels?

  1. Whats the highest level of difficulty you’ve completed?

  2. Any shout outs to randoms who ended up being a generous and great team? Or funny stories?

Thanks for reading!


Having a Warden run out onto the helipad and trying to wait until Lahni’s electric knife charges up so that we could actually kill him (no ammo).

Watching two Bastion-aided Scions nearly make it out of the final door before it closes on them.

Leaving my friend in the Venom as he was nabbed by a Sire and the final door was already closing.

Most of the fun stuff happens at the end, because you have to wait for the door to close.


I had that Warden incident happen twice already, except that once we didn’t have Lahni and instead Emile who had to kill the Warden using his knife to inflict bleed damage to kill it.

Got Mac and Keegan at Level 12, Lahni at Level 10. Haven’t really found a favorite but it might be Mac for how tanky he is(at least up to Elite as that’s the highest I’ve done with him - taking Torque Bows and EMBAR shots to the face ftw), and the damage his Boltok can do with the bleed damage perk on headshots.

Highest difficulty I’ve beaten is Inconceivable on the current weekly hive with a random called “iAM Loot Goblin” and a friend. Whom we previously steamrolled Insane with, and were able to beat Inconceivable with just a few tries required after the first safe room. Attempted Master afterwards but it didn’t quite work out so well. Never managed to get past the final room yet, partially because we always tried killing the Warden that showed up for its Breaker Mace but it refused to die and my friend thought frag tagging the Warden would work but so far it’s almost always just killed him instead. Speaking of Wardens, I hate it when they charge around corners when you’re least expecting it.

Funny experiences must be the first Insane run I’ve done on the weekly hive. In the final room with the venom catching up to us and still a bunch of enemies between us and the final door when I hear the facility’s system announce the door would close because of the contamination so when it was safer to do so I made a charge to it to get the hell out of there and literally just made it through with barely enough space for a single human to pass through. Turned out to be the only one who made it out too, in the end. Then my friend asks, “It closed by itself?”. So much for giving me credit for finally ending that first Insane attempt after numerous failures.

Yeah what happens at the double doors is the most intense! Especially at higher modes… So if you close the doors with your friends on the inside still, do they get the credit for completing the level as well?

I believe it’s like horde where you lose points for not all players surviving, haven’t really paid attention.

But the Map Builder is fun and turning it into a competition for my friends!

Dude thats insane that you’ve completed inconceivable. I have a level 12 Mac. And I cant seem to find a good team to complete insane at this point. Ammo hogs, and terrible teamwork…

Does everyone know about baiting the first Warden into the next supply room and locking him in there? Bypassing him altogether?

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I have a lvl 11 lahni. My gt is “a ups driver614”

Awesome. I’ll look you up next time I’m on. Maybe we’ll do some serious smashing. GT is same as my username.

That’s how it works for everyone.

I’m so baffled at the fact that everyone continues to not know this…

I know of this trick, but locking it in doesn’t get you its Breaker Mace so it’s a tradeoff. However, if it’s a Flock you get, it is harder to lock it in but you lose nothing for doing so. Other than time from escaping the venom, perhaps.

And if I’m being honest - I was really surprised we managed to do Inconceivable so easily on our first attempt too. All that’s currently left is Master, but that’s another tough nut to crack on its own. Basically feels like you’re playing Gears 4 Inconceivable turned up a notch with the health enemies have.

Here’s another fun fact : According to the game, I’m within the 1% leaderboard bracket of any of the current hives. Both Past and Weekly Hive.

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Sorry you lost me on that reply. That’s how what works for everyone?

And I’m interested to see how creative people will get with custom maps. Itll keep some life in the game.

The username=GT thing.

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I would imagine a good run involves all players collectively focusing on one enemy at a time. Gaining ammo more quickly. And getting plenty of headshots. Thats just my two cents.

I’ve dabbled in it only a bit but when I have I’ve always enjoyed it. Mac is at level 8–he’s the only one I’ve played. I have his health card at level 5. Use Boltok ammo and a couple of the shield cards. Highest difficulty I’ve tried has been “elite” with about 30% success rate with randoms who aren’t communicating.

Can someone explain to me exactly what the Boltok bleed out damage card or whatever it’s called does? I’ve read the description and it makes zero sense to me.

More or less. Keegan’s Resupply ability also has its uses with the Ammo Starvation mutator active. There’s also some knife action on the higher difficulties still. But you have to be more cautious about engaging in close combat with enemies. The Electroblade is either a good Warden killer or for pushing through Scions and the Drones accompanying them as well.

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I had a hard time understanding the bleed damage card at first too. But after paying close attention I realize it’s very valuable. Imagine it as a poison effect. After you get an active reload with the boltok and shoot an enemy, you will see them take continual damage for the next few seconds. “Bleeding”. It looks like a posion status effect in RPGS.

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Was this you a few days ago? I was a kat and my brother the other halo character lmao I had to kite the warden while we waited for the charge

I was playing Emile, the Lahni was like a level 7 ish.


I like it a lot as well. I have only tried the beginner. I also got the achievement by play sol on a published map. took me 20 minutes playing 15 times five with reach charter. call it a speed run…lol

I can not imagine how we will survive master level. I think all three would need to be max lvl and cards.

I tried a easy map solo wow died so fast.

My group should finally be starting escape tomorrow. Any tips for us before we dive in?