Escape: The End map bug (enemy under the map) PC

On The End map in escape an enemy was under the map I was on PC other 2 players were on Xbox One

Vulkan 1.2 Developer Beta Driver
Windows 443.15 ( [Windows 10 (64-bit) ]

(Vulkan Driver Support | NVIDIA Developer)

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@Krylon_Blue, @WD_Hawkeye and I had an enemy spawn half under the map, and partially stuck inside the door a few times on the same hive.

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Yeah this happens fairly regularly. Not sure what causes it. My guess is that it’s due to there being too many enemies in the last room and the enemy spawn positions are programmed to be too close to each other which sometimes push some of them into the ground. Just a guess though.

I’ve seen a couple of Drone-class enemies in the final room (before the helipad) that were half stuck in the ground so that they were only visible from the waist up. Annoyingly our first melee attack would go straight over their head (the second one would hit though).

One of my friends cleared this on Master but because the enemy spawned directly below them the hive wouldn’t end so they had to do it again.

It happened to me on an Insane run, but luckily for me the enemy was in the rocks to the side so we were able to kill it by shooting over the railings.

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Thanks for this - had the same issue. Read this after wasting all my ammo on nothing.

Luckily you helped me find an elite done in the rocks to the right of the door.

After I marked it my teammate took the hint and managed to kill it. :slight_smile:

Had it just now. Died before doors closed. The two guys stumbled around confused on the pad maybe 10 minutes. Texted , friended and frantically xbox messaged dude to check under pad for a drone but they never did. They ended up restarting and then it didn’t happen again.