Escape skins return?

I have this skin for my boomshot only. It’s just like wind flare but RED. I want it so badly. It’s a OG skin I never see it in pvp.

The Arid Gale skins? Pretty cool they were man.


Yeah those would live another chance at em.

Once its in the store every player will have it and it wont be OG anymore. Plus there are better skins out now.

We havent had i dont think anything decent as far as rewards go since op3 that being from the tour and medal groups, escape leaderboard rewards anything. Its all been pretty crap. To add aswell no decent pve general rewards. They said they were getting rid of new escape hives for more time to do maps yet we got 1 this op from g4 and were only getting 1 new map in drop 2 . :roll_eyes: give us a new hive each drop or op ? Better than nothing ?

I wish the stripes weapon set would come back :confused: that set was really nice.

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Dang don’t think I heard of that.

Gears 5 Escape Top 5% The Choke Rewards * Toxic & Stripes Camo! ( week  29/30) - YouTube

Eh, it looks ok.

now granted its on the snub lol, I have it for the hammy. Its simple but im a simple guy. one of my fav skin sets in the game, like top 5 anyways is the pixel omen set. I love those skins dearly.

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Thats the only set I rock. Love em. Reminds me of late 70s early 80s era. Best time to be alive. Im only missing the boltok skin and it pisses me off so much. I use the golden gun skin for boltok seeing that I am the world`s biggest 007 fan.

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thats what the set reminded me of lol. I wish TC would drop more simple sets with the COG logo on it, I really like the Ascii set as well.

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As a simple man myself I understand. My favorite set atm is bloody. Dude! They do need to make more simple skins with omens like gears 3! My favorite was the gold omen & red omen I believe you get from reup. Speaking of gow3 I would love to see team pulse again and ascii set ?

I could swear that set randomly popped up at some point in an Operation with no mention of it and I had no clue where it came from.

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That happened EVERY TIME for me. I’d be playing and be like woah I haven’t seen that in the store.

I’m pretty sure it is a permanently available thing, or at least it was before TC introduced the coins system in Op 4. I would see a set named “ASCII” and get it in Supply drops when those were a thing. Might be worth having a look in the store for but I have no reference to go by for if it’s the same as Gears 3.

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Dang… supply drops lol

Gears 5: ASCII Weapon Set - YouTube

The picture isnt the best weapon to view it on but its an all white gun with the red cog logo on it.
Yeah I remember the gold omen, a good skin set.

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That skin is in the store btw.

Yeah I had bought it like a month ago.