Escape player base just as bad...another thread

Might as well have a thread for escape to air your grievances

Tried ice queen on inconceivable with two infiltrators and me the marksman

And guess what, one picks up the second sniper and the other grabs the big ammo box for his talon

There are plenty of shotguns to go around in this level

I quit to main menu immediately…just wow


There’s already plenty of threads about this. No need for anymore. The main thread about the daily Horde and Escape challenges is used for venting already.

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I’ll be like that other guy that makes a thread inside of a thread talking about another thread




I played a game with an infiltrator and nomad

Infiltrator took all the ammo in the second room and didn’t even have a gnasher or overkill.

I decided to sit back and watch him get downed just to get off at his incompetence.

Also, had a slugger pick up the sniper and ammo and decided not to use the sniper.

Additionally, the teammates that run up and alert all the enemies making all the grenadiers put their shields up.

It’s beyond frustrating.


Try finding another person of equal skill level and duo-run the dailies. Every hive can be easily mastered with 2 people, some classes might be tougher than others but overall it’s a very smooth experience if you can trust the other person not to do some dumb ■■■■.

The difference is night and day. PvE with randoms will always be a nightmare, but Escape is unplayable with them due to how massively they can ■■■■ you over by doing something stupid or denying weapons/ammo.

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At this point I don’t bother playing as any class with randoms that relies heavily on needing ammo

I just stick with Blademaster or protector in public lobbies

Too many god damn noobs on inconceivable that don’t know what they are doing

I still cannot get to grips with Escape. I consider myself a competent (not brilliant) pvp player, and a bery good horde player. I play carefully. I love stats and classes and levels and analysing strategies and tactics and so on. And yet I am totally, utterly, and completely useless in Escape at anything higher than “Elite”. What could I be doing wrong?

What classes do you mainly use for escape?

You think Ice Queen with randoms is bad, try The Split.

I dare you.

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Venom run is the worst imo

But at least Venom Run can be done solo relatively easily using certain classes so you can bypass randomers completely. Overall it’s a bit of a rubbish hive anyway. Some classes are pretty much useless on it so whether you make it or die rests on whether there’s a tanky enough class to push their way through.

Can’t remember what map but there was a guy who would not come to the safe room, was only on beginner but he was just killing stuff for ages, eventually I just quit after the other person waiting with me left

Definitely Detour.

Nothing comes even close when you play on one of the easiest hives and randoms pull the stupidest moves…
Frustration is an understatement of how I feel sometimes.

I thought there was only one map? I usually just play the surge on insane and run past everything. Easy peasy.

That can apply to a majority of maps if you have an infiltrator maxed out regaining stim on each kill

Hell.ive done it myself carrying the team all the way through

Venom run is the only map where it is unlikely everyone will make it out on harder difficulties when playing with randoms is what I was saying

But what is the fun in doing the maps solo unless you are looking to challenge yourself

Agreed if the daily is for cxp I dont bother playing on incon just played both dailys on advanced to get some green and blue cards for my combat medic that i need not in the mood to spend hours on ice queen which is not even a difficult map but people make it that way. All people would probabily play is striker, slugger or an engineer and im not dealing with those classes on an incon run.

The marksman doesnt need to pick up both longshots. Sometimes it’s even recommended another class takes the second one as long as he doesnt pick up all the blue ammo boxes.

The best Ice Queen experience I can remember (probably 2 tours back or something) was with a marksman who wanted me (the infiltrator) take the second longshot. The strategy was simple: he kept on sniping while I picked up all ammo in the various rooms to fill up both my gnasher and the Longshot. I would then share 90% of the longshot with the marksman. Keeping maybe 2 bullets for myself to take out the stray enemy when needed. That was probably the easiest Ice Queen I have ever played

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Like @Bleeding_Pepper saying to me yesterday, we’re Too Overestimate the General Base Players.

Players, who would like to Put the Same Weapon and share the ammo with Other Teammates are mostly Well-experienced caring about the Whole Situation in Teamworking, are Rare to Do Sharing Stuff.

I appreciate no matter a Forum Member does like that or Randoms do like that.

Another Point is about Squeezing Enemies. Let me tell you something that I don’t know how to Squeeze (Nearly Re-Up 40 or above) before until I Joined @Lyno952 Lobby in The Hive and watched him the Action of Squeezing. I finally know how to Squeeze Enemy.