Escape: More XP Losing and Quiting Versus Winning and Completing Daily Challenge

Most recently, Gears 5 had a Daily Challenge for Escape where if you completed Corruption on Experienced, you could get 15,000 extra points. Given that this is one of if not the best map for Nomad, I decided to play as that Class and get it closer to reaching Level 20. However, I played it solo and while I got close to completing it, I eventually left from dying too many times. When I did, I noticed that the XP circle spiked an incredible amount. I was surprised by this. Later on, I tried to do the same thing solo, and got the same result. However, when I had a team with me and I completed the Hive, I got less points. How? I know that speed running and completing the Escape map faster gets you more points, but what if you die several times and don’t complete it.

To go into detail as to what I did, I rushed to the armory where the Lancer was, executing a few Drones, Hunters, and Rejects along the way, gaining Stim and getting my Ultimate ready. I sprinted towards the Safe Room, ignoring the majority of other enemies where the Armory where the Boomshot was. When I got to the area where there’s a cluster of either Drones, Hunters, Snipers, and Imagos, I activated my ultimate, executed more enemies to refill my Ultimate. By the time the Rejects came in the area with the two armories, I either chainsawed all of them, some of them, or ran past them, and when I got to the middle of the large area where the Scions and Safe Room are, I activated my Ultimate, and got inside the Safe Room.

Once I exited the Safe Room, if my Ultimate was ready, I’d run past the Rejects, but if not, I’d stay and execute a few of them. When I reach the Elite Drones and Snipers/Hunters, I activate the Fear and execute some of them. (Not all of them since I either die from loosing a Lancer/Claw battle, get meleed, or shot at.) I usually reach the end, but dealing with Mulcher Scions with Bastions and the other Elites were a pain. If I activated Fear near them, they’d run to the landing pad and it would wear off by the time I get there and I die.

I must’ve done this 10-25 times.

You get experience for reups and classes based on time/tiles passed in Escape, so if you spend a stupid(not a personal insult btw) amount of time in a hive, chances are you’ll get a bunch of progress if/when you eventually leave.

“Pro” tip, don’t try to rush to the end in Escape hives unless it’s the Onslaught. It’s usually easier to fight through it, especially on lower difficulties.

Also the decent as a nomad is very easy even on master, providing you have the execution immune card max. Fast and you get more cards.

You can literally go AFK in this game and gain xp.