Escape Mode & Tour of Duty Mode Exclusives ✅

So how is this player friendly for the completionist Gears 5 players what I’m trying to say is TC said that Escape Mode will be a weekly exclusives for leaderboards to unlock exclusives in game content so every week I’m going to try for the top of leaderboards ok I get that but then there adding Tour of Duty Mode that has a timer on that also to unlock exclusives in game content. So what I’m trying to say on that is thats not player friendly because of Escape Mode leaderboards on a weekly so how do we fit in Tour of Duty. So TC is making us pick which one to pick from that’s going to be hard on us something is going to take a loss is it Escape Mode or Tour of Duty because you can’t grid both there is no way because if you stop Escape Mode to play Tour of Duty then your going back down the leaderboards.This is not player friendly. @TC_Octus
I love grinding for exclusives but this one has me mad something going to take a loss in exclusives is it Escape Mode or Tour of Duty Mode :sob:

You don’t have to spend all week on each Escape mode map challenge. It’s on you if it’s that important to grind it that much. Plus, Tour of Duty isn’t a mode, it’s a system, where you have objectives to unlocking content. It could be to complete something in Escape even, or something that could be done in Escape or any other mode in some cases.

Tour of Duty’s content is seasonal, not weekly. You have Daily Challenges that you do to unlock the stuff, and have time to unlock that same cluster of content throughout that season. It should be fine.

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Yes but there doing exclusives DLC by weekly on Escape Mode how to come off of that to do Tour of Duty exclusives DLC challenges don’t you understand that’s a problem :thinking:

Weekly leaderboards for Escape with a character each week? That seems a little over the top tbh. Maybe one every two weeks or every month would be better. I may only care for skins that I like for a character I’m interested in, but if my current plans turn out as I expect them to be I could be rather busy and uncertain how much time I could spend playing… but so long as it’s not a Kait skin I find interesting I wouldn’t bother.

Objective rewards in Escape would seem like a much better idea even if hard to complete, should TC want to keep them more “exclusive”.

However, Tour of Duty and Escape character earning may not be entirely separate as the ToD system may require you to perform certain things in Escape.

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Something going to take a loss in gridding for exclusives on Escape Mode & Tour of Duty mark my WORD you guys will see that I’m right on this

I think the Escape leader boards are gonna go off time to complete and difficulty not amount time played. The tour of Duty from the sounds of it are similar to the seasonal challenges they gave during 4 so you should have plenty of time to get everything. And thats only if you are high on the leader boards . If you dont get the rewards you just might have to get a few more tattoos

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If that’s the case on Escape Mode then it should be like Bronze Silver Gold Onyx & Diamond leaderboards just like multiplayer to earn them exclusives. A little bit easier instead of trying for the top

From what I understand the escape mode customization’s are just banner skins, likely with the hive name or date on them nothing really that great, plus tour of duty seasons probably last about 3 or 4 months so should be no problem to get.

No they said characters unlocks on both modes

Wait a year or so, then craft everything. No pressure this time.

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Tour of Duty what if 3 or 6 or 9,000 kills in vs. per season & try your best on Escape Mode at weekly leaderboards for all exclusives.Both in just one season Man that’s going to be ruff

I hope the exclusive character from Escape isn’t that great. So I don’t have to feel pressurised into getting world leaderboards. That must be what… 3 in thousands or millions players.


I hope I’m so wrong on how I’m understanding this topic I hope I’m so wrong and that it will be a lot easier

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I see where you are coming from,

From a collector’s and completion point of view, it’s going to be very difficult to collect everything.

Will be good to see how TC balances this.

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Fantastic. Now we will see tons of threads by people complaining they can’t collect everything in the game


Yea, to be honest, it’s really weird. Instead of being happy that there’s that much content that you have tons of stuff to get, we’re complaining that it’s too much cuz we can’t get it all the first time it comes around.

I rather it be more content, and I grab as much as I can, and I can always get the rest of that set when it shows up again. That’s better than it being limited content, just so I can have time to get it all as it first shows up.

But I must have every variation of pine skin, silly rabbit.


That’s exactly what’s going to happen :sweat_smile:

People will say:

-They need more time
-They missed it, when is it coming back?
-They want other ways to get the skins
-It’s not fair that it’s only in that mode
-About how limited the skins are
-People are cheating the times because they can’t get close
-Countless threads asking “what’s next”

And so on :grimacing:


I agree,

It’s nice to have variety and something for everyone.

If you are going to grind escape, might as well get something nice and exclusive for the time and effort put into it.

Ohhh I cant wait. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

If its anything like the seasonal challenges then theres plenty of time to get them if you want them that bad

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