Escape mode summary

Shoot 4 bullets. Melee, melee, get hit. Melee, melee, get hit. Melee, melee, get hit. Revive loop with teammates for 10 minutes. Melee, melee, get hit.

The time and money you spent on this mode should have been pumped into giving us the best horde mode experience to date in a Gears game. Instead, we get a Horde downgrade AND bland levels with no ammo in Escape mode.

They should have double downed on everything. If you take away 90% of the ammo, you take away 90% of the fun. Just take away ALL ammo and make us melee with a better system than swing swing pause. Give us a melee weapon that is unique to this mode or a unique stun gun or anything to make the mode interesting. OR come up with some better offensive “abilities” for each class and remove the cooldown. Let us get through with our abilities if you are not going to give us ammo. OR, just put the same amount of ammo in as every other mode and make it feel more samey gears experience most of us already love. Just some ideas guys. When the campaign is so good, this mode stands out like a sore thumb. It’s confusing as to why this is even in the game. Someone had a cool idea of using the snatcher to get into a base and made a cool cut scene at the beginning, you just forgot to make it fun.

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Escape isn’t supposed to be guns blazing it’s supposed to be challenging. These are the first hives out. They basically teach you how to escape. I think with hives coming each week and map builder things will get much better for escape. I enjoy the concept.

I just hope it gets easier for someone to get left behind. I feel like we all make it every time. I want more of a adrenaline rush to make it to the end

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tried it with 3 friends and we all we quit it haven’t touched it since
it’s so boring but that’s me glad people are enjoying it
only way I will play it is to lvl the characters that overlap with Horde but that’s about it

Its pretty fun i think you have to pic up weapons and work as a team to get out. lost of hit and run doge and attack.

ammo is limited, but after kills pic up. I think its a nice game play. I built a map that which was fun . i could barely play it myself solo …lol

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