Escape Mode stealth against swarm

One thing I noticed is you can be stealth against infected DBs but you cant be stealth against swarm…


Cant you guys program some swarm that are just walking casually and aren’t expecting you for once?

Its Gears 5, and the fact that the swarm are always expecting you at this point just feels so…expected. That was a huge missing piece for me from this presentation. its stealthy, its not stealthy, wouldn’t it be cool if you could sneak past more enemies or incorporate more stealth into Gears as an added gameplay feature and higher replay variation/value?

Maybe I’m just asking for too much again.

Metal Gears Solid? :joy:


I wondered whether enemies would now actually only react to you if you shot them or if they saw you. Apparently, no. Which seems odd since one scene in the original trailer for Gears 5 showed Kait crouch walking(though against inactive “swarmified” DBs…), so you’d have thought they would allow you to do that against regular Swarm enemies so long as they didn’t know you were coming, or thought you dead.

They were called Rejects. Even I keep forgetting the name.

It’s not actually 100% confirmed yet if we can use stealth against other NPC enemies.

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I do remember their name… but I haven’t really gotten used to it yet and I’m not sure how many actually know it.

I’m actually kind of into this idea. Not so much to sneak past enemies but more to plan my attack with my coop partner. It would be fun to have a little strategy time before some of the fights in the story.

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Baird implemented the robots with the Gears 4 audio system, so they can’t hear footsteps


I don’t guess you’ve played Division 2? Lol

I definitely want that carton box as a skill card! :joy:

I’ve played it and it does stealth pretty well. But what does this have to do with this thread?

Problem with stealth in Division 2 is you could be 20 or 30 metres away, right in front of enemy faction and they may not notice you straight away, Not that realistic.

Or you drop a seeker grenade from full cover and it kills/wounds some enemy’s and then the other ones instantly know exactly where you are.

And the point it has to do with this thread is that no matter what game/platform etc etc. is the AI is only so smart. Even in games like Assassins Creed where stealth is key - enemy’s still know exactly where you are. The AI is only so smart and conflict is part of the game.

Gears has never been much of a stealth game - yes it has moments in Gears2 but those moments are planned/setup to be that way.

I would much rather run/gun myself. Maybes that’s why I like Doom and Wolfenstein so well.

“Right Trigger Warning” -Mick Gordon, best Nazi-killing music out there.

You ever played a Halo, or at least 3? If you do it right you can lob grenades at enemies and if they don’t see you before it goes off they’ll be alert but won’t rush your position because you didn’t reveal it to them. But if you fire a shot at them it’s likely they will move towards where you shot them from if they didn’t see you after you fired. It’s not impossible to have AI behave more human-like even if they know where you are at all times. The key factor is how you make them react to things… or not.

Just because there isn’t a precedent for something doesn’t mean it shouldn’t or can’t be done.

Nobody would force you to use stealth if it was ever implemented in Gears as a tool for which you have a choice. Maybe you would want to set up your attack from a better angle or fire at a priority target first before initiating combat, like an enemy Sniper. Or you want to disengage from combat and come back from another angle at the enemy. Some people prefer to do that instead of just going in guns blazing with little care in the world. It just adds more replay value to the game when you can choose more freely how and where to initiate an encounter, which enemy you want to pick off first. It’s one of the reasons why I still occasionally go back to the old Halo Campaigns and play through them.

And I kind of dislike that the Swarm always know where you come from without even having seen you in the first place. After you’ve seen that exact thing with the Locust and in 4 Swarm for over 13 years the combat eventually just starts to feel stale and unnatural because it is scripted like nothing else. The only player freedom in it is which piece of cover to use and which weapons you utilize to shoot the enemies up. Allowing players to choose which angle they want to approach from or at least which enemy to take out first, or take them all out without your cover being blown, it would just add to replay value and it would not be a thing forced on you because you could freely ignore the aspect and shoot them to your hearts content.