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Escape mode ideas

How about creating other types of environments in escape mode? We could have old buildings in ruins, following the idea of ​​Gears Judgment Aftermatch or some buildings from Gears 1. The maps are very similar today. It would be nice to diversify the type of scenario. Every week it seems that we are in the same place, only the path changes.


Good Points. At the end of the day it all comes down to Develop Cost\Time .

Looks like we are going to be getting new tiles each operation and thats going to be it.

I already posted that i want a cave with General Raam in it. but Game is dead forget about more Innovations in gears 5

This is sad. It would be fantastic to have something like destroyed streets or trying to escape the top floors of a building almost falling down. They should be inspired by scenarios from the old Gears of war. Gears Judgment has many ideas.