Escape - Master without shooting achievement

I’m helping a friend get this achievement - bring a knife to a gunfight. Do all players have to not shoot?

I think just the player trying to get the achievement. The others should be able to.

Yeah, nobody can shoot but im sure nades r fine. Easy on the clock or u can try n get lucky with the surge

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Just did the clock but with one person shooting and my friend didn’t get the achievement. I already have it.

Nobody can shoot.

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That worked. Thanks.

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All can’t fire a billet.

No probs, glad i could help.

Apologies for the misinformation. I swear I remember a guide that involved other people shooting but guess I was mistaken.

I believe when the game launched other people could shoot. So you’re not entirely crazy :).

There seems to be something very odd going on with the enemy encounters on the hive Forever. But depending on circumstances, you could easily get this achievement on this map. I’ll leave it at that…

no one can shoot and clayton can’t use his ultimate. I usually help people get this on venom run so let me know if you still need it.

Master Escape without shooting!? WTF!? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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It can be done on easy maps like The Clock. Grenades can also be used as the achievement only specifies you do not shoot, iirc.


After helping someone about a month ago I discovered no one can shoot.

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Knifey knifey stabby stabby motherf*cker!

I’m fairly sure grenades are fine to use. Just not guns of any sort.