Escape Master Solo - The Warren (Nomad, OP7)

The Uber Juvies in this hive can make Act 1 a bit brutal.

The Retro Charge will not work on Juvies when they are in the middle of their jump attack, so in order to reliably stick them with it, they need to be staggered, stunned, or usually under Fear to work around it. Ramps can also prevent them from being able to jump in the first place.

For Act 2, there simply wasn’t enough time to kill the absurd amounts of Uber Juvies that can spawn, so I decided to leave the entire first room’s group of enemies alive on the way to the supply cache to lock them out. All those enemies, plus the first Juvie ambush, prevented the big ‘bridge’ Juvie ambush from spawning altogether. This allowed me to run through to the last room, kill the Scion and Elite Drones that were in my way, and have a rather easy extract, as the LZ ambush didn’t get to spawn either.

Cards used (all at level 6):

Concussive Rounds
Execution Shield
Armored Shot