Escape Master Solo: The Surge (Inflitrator, OP6)

So, a week ago I noticed not many classes had been used to solo The Surge on Master. I’ve been thinking about a few classes, and one of them was Inflitrator.

Wether or not this class could succeed pretty much depended on if it was possible to charge Cloak in time to sneak a Gnasher from the right side path. Turns out, with some VERY tight timing, it could be done. Allowing Inflitrator to survive to Act 2, where it could clear ALL drones with a single Chained Cloak usage. Then, carefully maneuvering through the Scions (especially Mulchers) and flushers was only a matter of time.

This took me many, MANY attempts. You can’t just speedrun this map on Master, kids. In fact, speedrunning made this map harder when TC changed it.

The recording for Act 1 is messed up, but you can at least see how it is done. Act 2 recorded perfectly though, so it is worth watching towards the second half of the video.

Shout out to my good friend @Siul_S249, who the other night opted to take this hive on with a fresh mind after I was getting frustrated with it. His completion re-inspired me to finish my own, and I’m glad my theory was able to be proved correct!


Great strategy, great run! I love this hive (I know most people dislike the amount of enemies) and have been wondering if anyone was able to utilize infiltrator on it for a solo. I’ve only solo’d this one with Blademaster and Brawler. I’m fairly certain others have done with with Anchor and Veteran.


Not with that attitude, you can’t. Quick disclaimer: that’s an old time, it’s possible to cut down at least 20 seconds.

Wow. I have to watch this immediately.

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Looks like this took alot of patience, especially for the first half. But such a good solo. Its always nice seeing something I’ve never seen before. I never would’ve thought an infiltrator could kill all the drones in one cloak.

Also, you say in the post your friend tried the hive out and it inspired you to try the hive out again. Back when I was on my mission to solo all the hives before they took ironman away I would fail some of the harder ones for hours and hours but then I would decide to wait for another day and talk to @TurnerBurner922 about some different strategies and usually most of the time I would get the hive completed either the first time or in the first couple tries on that new day of trying. So basically what im saying is that taking a break from a hive for a day or two and maybe talking to someone about some strategies can really help you out when you come back to it.

And don’t beat yourself up over recording malfunctions, its happened to all of us too. It sucks when it happens. One of my favorite solos, Lahni solo on the split, the recording messed up and the entire video had no sound and it bothered the hell out of me when It happened. But as long as the footage is still there, that’s all that truly matters.


I love this hive too! No crazy modifiers, just a brutal battle!

As far as I’m aware, and according to the list being compiled for the Community Solo Hives challenge list (Community Challenge - Solo every Hive on Master with every Class (Discord for coordination)), no one has actually done The Surge as either of these classes yet. Although, I’ve been considering maybe trying Anchor, myself. But really only after I can pull it off with Nomad first, which was what I was trying to do when I came up with the ideas for Inflitrator to do it.

Well, for the easy and consistent purposes of farming XP with the general public, no.

Anyway, I said kids. I’m fairly certain that you aren’t a ‘kid’ when it comes to this lol. (Plus you had a teammate…) Curious, what classes with that time or does it matter?

Yeah it did/does. Lots of waiting for Ult. Really sucks if the Drones by the saferoom get you (no stim resist or capacity), because then you have to wait ALL over again.

Thanks! Thank @CommanderCH2863 's community challenge for getting me to see if I could try and pitch in with some of the new solos such as this, as I normally wouldn’t have bothered in the first place. Glad I did though!

And yeah, executing all the drones was the most fun part! I had hoped it would work, and was so satisfying to see that it could! Doing that over and over again on back-to-back fails made it all worth it lol.

He actually beat it with Inflitrator before I did as a result! Technically the first completion goes to @Siul_S249. But he insisted that I should finish my own completion, due to the days of dirty work I did figuring out the overarching strategy we used.

Yeah, breaks really can and do help, a lot (My Nomad Hunters run wasn’t beat until the second day, for example). Sometimes a fresh mind is all you need, and another person to talk it over with certainly helps. I know Siul did.

Seriously, thanks. This makes me feel a lot better about how Act 1 recorded for that successful run. I won’t sweat it as much next time, I guess. I’m just thankful that Act 2 recorded perfectly, because that is the most exciting part!

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Excellent job @SMARTAN_427!!
I knew you could do it!
Soloing hives takes time, effort and dedication as well as skills. You’ve done an awesome job :clap:

Add - don’t worry about messed up audio. I’ve had it happen plenty of times. On my Lahni solo on the Warren I’ve got terrible static as soon as I got to the LZ. I just added a little note beforehand to warn the viewers to lower their volume.
It sucks but it’s not the end of the world.

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I didn’t think this was possible. Nice job thinking outside of the box!


I’m really Looking Forward for Infiltrator solo Last Stand :grinning:.

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When you first said this, I was trying to do it with Nomad (still trying…)

Thanks though!

Thanks! I was honestly surprised it hadn’t been done yet.

I thought that someone already did?

No, because I found No Player do that, and I found it’s extremely Hard due to Lack of Ammo after 2-3 Failed Attempts.

I wonder if one way of going about it, is to wait for your cloak, activate it, meatshield and drop some Grenadiers and while cloaked, pick up their shotgun plus any extras for ammo. It’s not much, but could make a difference. And aren’t there a couple of medium size ammo boxes in the saferoom? And getting the shock genade from the start cpuld stun some enemies like a Mulcher to enable you to run past?

I’m just thinking aloud. I doubt you could get through The Last Stand by killing things due to lack of ammo, but there are limits to the number of enemies that can spawn so if you find a way to skip over some of them you could run past all the way without causing anymore to spawn in front?

I have tried it, but I can’t wait for the Ultimate, it’s not like The Surge without “Faster Venom”, I remember I charge my Ultimate nearly 30% when the Venom come to the Middle Side.

I mean Act 1 is the Hardest Part of the Thing, still I have No Clue to do that.

I’ve done Last Stand back in Op4 as Kait. And as Gunner in Op4, op5 and op6.
So it has been done before. However, after TC changed Kait/ Infiltrator’s cards I don’t think it’s been done in current op.


Given that recharge speed is linked to damage output, could you not do something like use the Salvo and kill a few of the Juvies and Drones near the beginning? Could that be enough to finish recharging it (on top of the wait as well)? Plus you start with an Overkill with 2 shots right?

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Your Video in Op4 going to the Right Side didn’t have the Mulcher Scion before the Safe Room :thinking:.

I don’t know what changes to them because I only come back to play in Op 5 :joy:.

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Right now you can still do the same tactics. Just don’t take frags in the supply room. Instead take shock to throw at the end.


It’s random but if you get mulcher by safe room juts quit and start again until you get the spawn you need.

Though there is a way to run pass the mulcher :wink:

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A Question to ask:If you’re running faster than the Enemies Spawn, so the Enemies won’t spawn? Is it a Mechanic to all Hives, which is similar towards the way to Trigger Enemies?

I believe so. Basically because you don’t kill all the enemies and just run you cancel the spawns. The spawns are both triggered by certain tiles as well as timed.

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