Escape: Master Solo - The Hunters (Pilot, OP7)

This map moves fast because of Venom, and the LZ is often a mad rush. The best thing I knew to do with Pilot was to spam and extend the Silverback, as often as I can. The biggest problem was getting punked and grabbed out of the Silverback by the Sires. This seems to be preventable as long as you are damaging them while facing them before they lunge. Other than that, the map was pretty straightforward, just had to work fast.

Cards used (all at level 6)

Aggressive Armor
Cold Finish
Healing Tri-Shot
Silverback Salvo


Great run!!


great run, nice use of the gnasher as the main counter to the plethora of sires!

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It’s the main way for non-bleeding characters to deal with sires.

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Once again - wonderful job! :+1:

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Very hot « cold finish » :slight_smile:
Smart strategy

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