Escape Master Knife achievement

Anyone have an issue with the Escape achievement for getting through a Master hive and not firing their gun (eg. with Lahni and only using a knife) not come up?

I’ve gone through 5 different maps now, all without firing any shots with Lahni and still haven’t got the achievement for it. All other achievements for G5 seem to unlock just fine.

Have heard from someone who has this achievement that all three players must only use knife in the run (and grenades are OK for this too), no idea whether this is correct though


I think you are correct, not sure what map is the easiest to get it done.

The Surge. Just need to run through the whole entire thing. When you start go left all the way the safe room. If two people go down, leave them. They will respawn in the safe room. After that, go hard right out of the safe room and follow that to the end. Hit the switch and hide behind one of the crates. You can use flashbangs to slow them down. Took me like 20 tries to get it but we got it. We also stopped in the first supply room and let a few guys in at a time to kill them so we can get our ultimate’s up.


Thanks, if i could get some people together i would go for it. The problem is no one plays that map on master, they just use it to speed run on insane, I’m not complaining though its done wonders for my lahni, keegan and mac level ups.

This can work, but Keegan with frags and Shredder KILLS it on this hive too. Which is a more reliable strategy than trying to run through it all.

Yeah the guy I ran it with didn’t know if you could use grenades or not so we used flashbangs. Still managed but it was a pain.

Venom Run might arguably be worse on Master. It’s already hella annoying to beat on Elite. From what I hear, Master is even more of a pain.

Speaking of Venom Run, wouldn’t that hive also count for Brought/Bring a Knife to a Gunfight? If you don’t fire any shots, that is, when you’re outside at the ending.

Any map would give you the achievement if you run it without shooting a bullet. You need to actually complete the hive though, as in get in the chopper.

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I figured that - but my thinking was, seeing as Venom Run is somewhat intented to play out as kind of a speedrun without shooting anything in your way once you go onto Insane(8x venom speed is nothing to laugh at), might as well try getting the achievement. Right?