Escape Master 4

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I’m here today to ask you how do you start the Escape Master 4 challengue. Let me explain myself. The challengue is ‘Complete all the weekly hives in OP4’ right? And it starts 0/6. If i complete this week hive, shouldnt it appear 1/6? Dunno the name in english of this week’s hive (The anomaly (?), but right now I’ve complete it and its still 0/6.

Is it bugged? Or it counts a different way?

Thank you for your time!

Did you join ‘in progress’. I don’t think it counts if you did.

I did the hive in the normal lobby, not custom, so I did it from 0 to 100%. That’s why I dont understand why it doesn’t count. You have to do it on any specific difficulty? Cuz in the challengue it doesn’t specify it

I think you have to do them all on Master.


Ok, ty for your anwser.

Anyways, the challengue next to Escape Master 4 specifies ‘Complete any hive in Master in OP4’ but the other just says ‘Complete every weekly hive’.


It should still say 1/6 completed on the medal for master, i did custom master. Mine says 1/6.

U have to start from lobby to get progress.

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The hive is not op4

are you talking tour of duty medals or achivements?

he said he did in his 2nd post and since he didn’t mention doing it on Master anywhere, I suggested that.

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Yes, when I wrote the post i did the hive but not in Master. Yesterday night I complete it in Master and now it’s 1/6 in the challengue.

Anyways, ty every1 for you help !