Escape Map : The Gatekeepers Bad Frame Rate!

Above is a video of how bad the frame rate is of the Escape map the gatekeepers. It’s a pretty hard map on master and this bad frame rate makes it much harder so pls let’s try and get tc to fix this

Pls Note: I don’t own the video It belongs to turnerburner922

Someone posted a tweet from TC that it’s because of too many people on friend list. I don’t know how that’s supposed to be connected.

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I pretty much gave up I just wait till they eventually fix it :man_facepalming:t2:

When I read that, I thought it was such a BS excuse… I mean, is their code really checking for things going on in your Xbox friends list while playing their game? How is this even remotely connected to lag…

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And the “word around” offered was to delete people off your list! My god…

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Can’t give a technical reason as I don’t know enough games development, but is it possibly only associated with maps which don’t have the ironman mutator? You can restart over and over which is nice, but unfortunately, some residual effects are left over from previous attempts (e.g. like when you see the venom already filled the saferoom, or the green door already opened). Eventually, the RAM may get overwhelmed. Could also explain why people on PCs were saying they didn’t get this (higher RAM amounts).


I’ve noticed that it only occurs if you pause the game for a period of time. I’ve been attempting to beat it with Clayton on Master also. I never got the drop frames, but it’ll only occur if I continue to play after pasue it for a while.