Escape map sharing, and trends

Hello I wanted to add more variety and content to Gears 5. so I’d like to share some of my mine and I’ll also share and play yours. Maybe we can get some trending.

I have an Alien vs predator map where you face face huggers and predator near the exit.

I made a breaker only stage. Freeze and kill warden and then kill pouncers, wardens, leeches, etc.

I made a map that makes you have to kill the overkill enemies because they stop you with stopping power, before venom.

I also made a map that I want you to use the cryo against cryo scions and wardens.

I tried a Stealth map too: Against rejects only.

I got a sniping map

Also a map called igloos with an igloo interior where there are ice scions disguised as Krampus.

I’d like some people to try them and I’ll try yours.
Hopefully we can get some featured or trending.

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good use of leeches as facehuggers and ambiance. I will be trying any other good escape maps.

keeping up for sharing